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New Android powered tablet features movies, books, music and web surfing in one affordable package.

This morning, Amazon officially entered the highly competitive tablet market with Kindle Fire, a $199 device set to ship November 15.

Powered by a modified version of Android, the seven-inch full color tablet features a dual core processor, a screen with 169 pixels per square inch and weighs just 14.6 ounces.

Users will be able to wirelessly download movies, music, books and apps via the Amazon website, then back up this content via free cloud storage.

They can also watch movies on their televisions, save their progress and resume on the Kindle Fire by using Whispersync.

On top of that, consumers can even play music in the background while they read books.

As for web surfing, the devices uses the custom built Amazon Silk, a cloud-accelerated mobile browser, instead of Google Chrome.

In addition, Amazon rolled out the Kindle Touch, priced at $99 and $149 (3G enabled).

Whether or not Kindle Fire will make Apple squirm remains to be seen. For millions of consumers interested in a low cost table, this is great news.

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