By: Chris Buffa October 14, 2011 0 Comments

Don't miss your chance to experience all his violent and drunken rants.

Apple's iPhone and iPad have become the go to portable devices for point and click adventures. Case in point, Telltale's Hector trilogy, a series of smartly designed games starring one Inspector Hector, a crude lawman with a taste for "all things criminal, corrupt and smothered in curry"; so says the press release.

We've thoroughly enjoyed each of the three titles, but had to pay full price to download them. You, on the other hand, can experience Hector's travels at a reduced cost. From now until October 24, each of his games will run you $2.99 a piece.

Bottom line, nine bucks will get you hours of amusing and challenging entertainment. Definitely worth the dough.

Episode 2 for iPhone

Episode 3 for iPhone

Episode 1 for iPad

Episode 2 for iPad

Episode 3 for iPad

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