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We take a fond look back at the series' most awe-inspiring and multi colored tracks.

Hardcore fans mostly know what to expect from Nintendo's Mario Kart series, largely because of classic staples, like red and green turtle shells, banana peels and as far as tracks go, Rainbow Road.

This iconic board dates back as far as the 1992 SNES original, and has appeared in every Mario Kart since. Known for extreme difficulty, each Rainbow Road presents players with unique challenges, be it a lack of rails or dangerous Star Thwomps that immediately knock characters off the track.

Mario Kart DS Rainbow Road

Despite the challenge, Rainbow Road remains a favorite, thanks in part to its multi colored speedways and catchy music.

With this in mind, there's no question that it'll appear in the upcoming Mario Kart 7, taking its rightful spot as the last stage in the Special Cup.

On that note, enjoy these Rainbow Road facts.

Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road

-Most of these tracks take place in outer space.

-In the case of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on GameCube, you race above a city.

-Rainbow Road is normally the longest track in a Mario Kart game. In fact, Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road is 2,000 meters long.

Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road

-The original Rainbow Road does not have any rails and features several 90-degree turns.

-In addition, Super Mario Kart's Rainbow Road does not feature a number, unlike the other tracks.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Rainbow Road

-Rainbow Road appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Rolling Coaster Galaxy, under the mission "Rainbow Road Roll".

-Gamers will also find Rainbow Road in the DS sports game, Mario Hoops 3-on-3. In this case, a clock tower surrounds the track.

Mario Kart Double Dash!! Rainbow Road

-Mario Kart: Super Circuit's Rainbow Road features Bowser's Castle (from Paper Mario) in the background.

-Players can use boost Mushrooms for time saving shortcuts in Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

Mario Kart DS Rainbow Road

-On the Mario Kart 64 course, you'll see neon images of different characters, such as Boo and Princess Peach.

-You race above planet Earth in Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road.

Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road

-On top of that, the Mario Kart Wii version includes Star Bits from Super Mario Galaxy.

-F-Zero GX pays homage to Rainbow Road in its psychedelic track, Phantom Road.

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