By: Chris Buffa November 22, 2011 0 Comments

Zipper Interactive wastes no time putting the handheld's dual analog sticks to great use with a promising third person shooter.

One of PlayStation Vita's best assets are its dual analog sticks, which should prove ideal for shooters.

Thankfully, we'll find out just how useful these babies will be in Unit 13, a third person shooter from SOCOM and MAG developer Zipper Interactive.

Set to debut around Vita's February 22 U.S. and European launches, the game lets players choose from one of six operatives and plow through 36 enemy filled missions that take place within nine locations.

Missions come in various types and sizes with multiple objectives. As your progress, the game presents High Value Targets (HVTs) to take down. Do that, and you can share these achievements with other players and friends, courtesy of Vita's NEAR feature.

Meanwhile, the developers put considerable effort into taking advantage of Vita's Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, allowing you to monitor online leaderboards, receive new Daily Challenges and HVT missions.

If that's not enough, the game also supports online co-op, complete with voice chat.

We're always down for a great shooter, and it's good to know Vita may receive one almost right out of the gate. We'll post more info as soon as it becomes available.

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