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You don't need to visit an actual retail store to purchase these outstanding titles. All you need is a speedy Wi-Fi connection...and money.

Although it debuted this past June, Nintendo has done a wonderful job populating the 3DS eShop with a variety of quality video games, from new intellectual properties to old school classics.

On that note, there's a great possibility you may receive a $20 eShop card this holiday season, or just decide to set off on your own to see what this virtual store has to offer.

With this in mind, make sure you download these five must have titles.

Pushmo ($6.99)

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems chose to end 2011 on a high note with this outstanding puzzle game. Pushmo challenges you to pull and push a series of blocks to create the correct sequence of platforms to climb and rescue a trapped youngster. Cute, addictive and packed with value, you'll thoroughly enjoy solving hundreds of pre-made puzzles and then creating/sharing your own with the busy Pushmo community.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins ($3.99)

As much as we love the original Super Mario Land, its sequel stands out just a bit more. 6 Golden Coins carries the same visual style as Super Mario World on the SNES, but remains one of the more unique titles in the series, thanks to a handful of gameplay tweaks, including a Magic Carrot that imbues our hero with a pair of bunny ears (the better to hover with). Throw in Wario's grand debut, and this critically acclaimed hit is well worth your cash.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX ($5.99)

Nintendo could have give us the original Link's Awakening that appeared on the Game Boy. Instead, the company delivered the superior Game Boy Color edition that features more vibrant graphics.

Beyond the visual upgrade, Link's Awakening DX is one of the oddballs in the Zelda series, as Link explores Koholint (not Hyrule) Island in search of the magical Wind Fish. That said, classic Zelda gameplay remains intact, with a variety of fun weapons, dungeons and bosses to defeat.

Donkey Kong ($3.99)

Bottom line, you cannot leave the 3DS eShop without purchasing Donkey Kong. This Game Boy gem throws 100 tricky stages your way, as Mario goes in search of keys to unlock doors and proceed to different levels. There's so much value, you'll play this game for days, if not weeks.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition (free)

Now it's time to save some dough. In celebration of the Zelda franchise's 25th anniversary, Nintendo released a re-mastered version of the hit GBA multiplayer experience, Four Swords free of charge. Complete the single player quest (with bonus areas to explore) using two Links, or team up with three friends over Wi-Fi, collecting rupees and working together to solve puzzles.

Just make sure to download the game by February 20, 2012. Otherwise, you'll literally pay for it.

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