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Don't neglect the system's 3D slider. Max out that sucker while experiencing these must have titles.

Nintendo's 3DS got off to a rocky start this past March, particularly with the system's most touted feature, glasses free 3D. Prospective buyers complained of headaches after staring into the screen for prolonged periods, while some games failed to use the effect in a way that enhanced the experience.

Almost nine months later, Nintendo's original vision has become a reality, as a handful of titles look incredible in 3D while going easy on the eyeballs.

With that, we handpicked six games you should play with 3D turned on. If we missed one of your favorites, sound off in the comments section.

Super Mario 3D Land

Mario's brand new adventure is the first 3DS title we played in 3D the whole way through, largely because it didn't make us go cross-eyed (kudos, Nintendo) and the game takes on a completely different vibe. Judging distances between platforms is much easier, while Bowser's fireballs come right towards the screen.

The developers also play some cool tricks, especially with Mario's Propeller Box, as he quickly flies into our faces and then slowly descends hundreds of feet to the ground below, picking up gold coins along the way. Great stuff.

Mario Kart 7

Nintendo did a wonderful job with this game. The 3D effect adds a great sense of depth as karts sail through the air and turtle shells ricochet off objects. Thing is, the 3D in Mario Kart is so well done we forget it's even there, which is a testament to quality programming.


This outstanding puzzle game demands to be played in the third dimension. In it, you push and pull blocks to create platforms. Adjust the 3D slider, and it's like staring into a diorama, with blocks jutting out at various depths. If anything, it makes solving puzzles a lot easier.

Mighty Switch Force!

Here's another eShop title with incredible 3D. While not as graphically intense as Mario, WayForward managed to produce one of the system's coolest looking games, with pieces of rock that fly around the screen, as well as 2D sprites that separate from the background. To play it in straight up 2D is an insult.

Star Fox 64 3D

At this point, any game with "3D" in the title has to have great special effects, right? At least that's true in Star Fox 64's case. Watch as humongous asteroids slowly float past, and do a barrel roll to avoid laser fire so cool, it may burn your eyebrows off.

Granted, the 3D doesn't work so well with gyroscope controls, but you shouldn't have it on while physically tilting the system.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

When it came to experiencing 3D in March, there were few 3DS launch games to choose from. That said, Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV stood out, with over 25 World Warriors that took on a cool 3D appearance set within backgrounds of various depths. That new over the shoulder perspective also looked pretty sweet.

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