By: Chris Buffa January 4, 2012 0 Comments

Japanese gamers not flocking to the machine, casts doubt on U.S. and European launches.

With the holidays over, it appears hardware sales have gone back to normal, at least in Japan. Nintendo, for example, sold 197,952 3DS systems the week of 12/26-1/1, compared to 482,200 the previous week. Still impressive, of course.

Sony, on the other hand, is a different story. For the second straight week, PSP sales beat those of the newly released PlayStation Vita, 62,746 to 42,648.

By comparison, Vita sold 72,479 units the week before.

Definitely bad news, especially with no big time game launching in Japan anytime soon. We have to wonder if these numbers will stabilize or decline even more.

For Sony's sake, we hope not.


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