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Boxing series would shine on Nintendo's handheld.

Nintendo's decision to release a new Punch-Out!! for Wii in 2009 was quite a shock, largely because the last entry in the series, Super Punch-Out!!, appeared on the SNES in 1994. The drought was so long that we forgot how satisfying it was to make Glass Joe eat canvas.

Of course, Punch-Out!! Wii was outstanding, and with the future of the franchise a mystery, we have a suggestion: Punch-Out!! 3DS.

3D would make his fist fly off the screen.

First, the fact that Nintendo has shown interest in bringing console sequels to handhelds (hello, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 3DS) leaves the door wide open for a portable Punch-Out!!

The 3DS button layout, meanwhile, would make the controls simple enough, as players bob and weave using the Circle Pad/d-pad and unleash rights and lefts with the face buttons, perhaps pressing both triggers at the same time to devastate opponents with a powerful special attack, Doc Louis' Star Punch, perhaps.

On top of that, Punch-Out!! would look cool in stereoscopic 3D. We have no doubt that the big N could pull off some neat tricks, separating Little Mac from the likes of Bald Bull and Don Flamenco, offering a great sense of depth fans have never experienced.

For now, we'll just have to assume knockouts look better in glasses free 3D.

This would also give the developers a wonderful opportunity to create a wireless multiplayer mode for up to two players (local and online), where instead of splitting the screen, they'd have their own.

Of course StreetPass would come into play as well, with users exchanging various bits of data, including win/loss records, as well as the number of punches thrown and landed to compare stats.

At the moment, the odds of this happening appear slim, as Nintendo has yet to discuss Punch-Out!! games, but from where we stand, a handheld sequel makes a lot of sense. Besides, it would give everyone a chance to put King Hippo in their pockets.

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