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They starred in critically acclaimed games, but haven't been seen since. Mounting a comeback, or resting in peace?

Not every video game hero has a career like Mario and Sonic's. Of course, not every game deserves a sequel. Some were never meant to produce a series, while others bombed at retail, the respective publishers cutting their losses and moving on to something presumably more lucrative.

As a result, many of these characters fade into obscurity, killing the opportunity to see them again.

That said, the following characters seemed destined for great things, but disappeared off the radar.

Elite Beat Agents (2006)

Nintendo achieved great things with DS, in large part because the company published games that appealed to a much wider audience.

Not all of these titles, though, topped the best sellers list. Case in point, Elite Beat Agents. The game stars members of a fictional government agency that use the power of music and dance to inspire the incredibly stressed. It was actually a spin-off of Ouendan, a Japanese only DS game (with a sequel, FYI) with male cheerleaders instead of their suit wearing counterparts.

Unfortunately, the game saw poor sales, and we haven't seen these guys since it debuted in 2006. At this point, it's safe to say they're done, barring some Super Smash Bros. appearance.

Mr. Pants (2005)

Most Nintendo fans fondly remember developer Rare for such games as Donkey Kong Country and GoldenEye. One of the studio's more obscure offerings, It's Mr. Pants, features an overweight man wearing a black derby and underwear. The game isn't half bad. Mr. Pants? A bit inappropriate, to say the least. What of the children?

Henry Hatsworth (2009)

We've yet to meet someone who despises Henry Hatsworth. Besides, what's not the like? He's a rich old guy/thrill seeker with a monocle, and the game is a wonderful mix of puzzle and 2D platformer. We should have a sequel by now, but again, disappointing sales put Hatsworth into a retirement home.

Electroplankton (2005)

Another casual friendly Nintendo game that failed to make a dent. Each mini-game features an aquatic critter(s) with a knack for creating music, with names like Rec-Rec, Nanocarp and Lumiloop. It's wonderfully addictive, but also obscure enough to get lost among the wealth of DS titles. At least the big N released each game via DSiWare in 2009.

Jenosa Arma (2006)

Orbital Media's Scurge: Hive drew comparisons to Metroid for good reason. After all, its hero is a female bounty hunter.

That aside, the game was quite good, with a variety of creepy aliens to blast. As for its protagonist, Jenosa Arma, she was infected with a Scurge parasite (there's Metroid again) and the door was left open for a sequel. Too bad she's been MIA for almost six years.

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