By: Chris Buffa April 23, 2012 0 Comments

iOS favorite leaps into the land of Google. Muy bueno.

Of all the platform games on the App Store, Bean's Quest stood out for a plethora of reasons, most notably the vibrant 8-bit style graphics, catchy music, jumping bean hero and satisfying controls. It didn't achieve high levels of popularity, but to play it was to love it.

That said, developer Kumobius left the confines of iOS and released Bean's Quest on Android. From what we can tell, the entire game's intact, as players will enjoy 50 levels, retro pixel art and over 150 challenges to complete. The only thing that's odd is the price. $2.99 on Android, $1.99 on iOS. Not sure why the studio charges users an extra buck.

Either way, it's among the best platformers available, and you should definitely "hop" to it.

Download Bean's Quest (Android)

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