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Who might follow where Peter Molyneux leads?

A short while ago industry veteran Peter Molyneux announced his intention to leave Microsoft and go it alone again, forming the new indie outfit 22 Cans in the process. We still know almost nothing about the new game he hopes will change the world, but we certainly hope that mobile platforms will play at least a part in his planned revolution. It got us thinking about who else we'd like to see making the jump from corporate console culture to independent mobile games development.

Cliff Bleszinski

The Unreal and Gears of War series are just two examples of award-winning games that Bleszinski has had a senior involvement with at Epic Games.

The challenges of negotiating a 3D environment are tricky enough on touchscreen devices, and throwing in a necessarily slick and response engine for shooters only confounds the problem further. Someone needs to break out and solve this problem once and for all though, and we can't think of anyone more suited to the task than Bleszinski.

Eric Chahi

As someone who's spoken out against the stifling of creativity in modern games development during recent years, it would be great to see Chahi set up a new studio specifically for bringing new ideas to mobile gaming.

After a long spell away from games development, Chahi's From Dust was released last year for PC and Xbox and was well received by critics and gamers. Here's hoping he's made enough money from that endeavor to break out into mobile gaming. Another World has already been ported, so it's not the most impossible of ideas.

Todd Howard

We'd love to see what the RPG mastermind behind the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games could do to revolutionize the mobile gaming space. Mobile RPGs continue to lean heavily on homages to the 8 and 16-bit eras and it's time to take the genre further.

While no-one expects current-gen console quality on their tablets, it's getting closer every day. What we can definitely use more of right now though are some original RPG mechanics and deep storytelling. Nothing about mobile technology prohibits either of those things, and if anyone could pull this off we reckon it's Howard.

David Jaffe

David Jaffe is a refreshingly outspoken figurehead within the games industry, never afraid to speak his mind and he's fond of doing so in profanity-laden outbursts.

The creative mind behind the brutally violent God of War and Twisted Metal games could do for mobiles what Rockstar did for home consoles. While his studio Eat Sleep Play is currently committed to creating games exclusively for PlayStation, we'd be surprised if he doesn't at least consider platform independence in the future.

Ken Levine

One of the best storytellers in the business, Levine has been driving innovation in videogames ever since the first title in the much-loved Thief series was released in the late 90s.

Since then, Levine has gone from strength to strength, and the BioShock games are some of the most critically-acclaimed in recent history. The recently delayed BioShock Infinite is next on his roster of projects, but who knows what could happen after that?

Hideo Kojima

Three words: Metal Gear Solid. An industry veteran who's crafted some of the very best videogames of the last 30 years, Kojima is an obvious choice and we'd love to see him bring his extensive development experience to the fledgling mobile revolution.

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