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From Battlefront to Halo, we round up the best.

There's no doubting that we're spoiled for choice with the variety of AAA games on our home consoles these days, but there are a few treasured games from the previous generation of hardware that we'd love to be able to play on our mobiles. Today we've rounded-up our most-wanted Xbox classics.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

On again, off again, a third outing for the Battlefront franchise has been rumored for years amidst lay-offs and studio closures. The second release in the series was one of our favorite titles from the original Xbox hardware, and while shooters are a tricky concept to nail on touchscreens, we'd love to see a port of this particular sequel make its way to the mobile app stores.


Peter Molyneux's first steps into the world of Albion remain some of his best, and the relatively simplistic combat of 2004's best-selling RPG makes this first title tailor-made for touchscreen devices. We've got plenty of RPG-lite games on the App Store, but we'd love to play something with a little more meat to the character development.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

The epic, gargantuan, life-absorbing third outing of the famous Elder Scrolls series hit console gamers like a sledgehammer when it was ported from the PC. We'd never seen anything like it before: the sheer size of the world, the opportunities for exploration and the sense of pure roleplaying. Since the Xbox version, console gamers have been kept satisfied with the incredible Oblivion and Skyrim games. Can us mobile gamers get a little love next please?


As long as Microsoft stay in the phone business, we can't imagine this particular title making its way beyond Windows phones, but we live in hope that one day we'll be fighting the Flood on our phones. Will the publishing and hardware giant feel compelled to grab a piece of the sci-fi shooter market in the wake of Gameloft's N.O.V.A.? We certainly hope so.

Knights of the Old Republic

Deep RPG combat, a fantastic story, and an amazing realization of the pre-film trilogy universe makes Knights of the old Republic one of our most-wanted titles by far. Also, we hear George Lucas quite likes making money, so this has more chance of becoming a reality than most of the other titles in this round-up.

Project Gotham Racing 2

One of our favorite racing titles of all time, the Project Gotham brand has slipped into obsolescence since the demise of Bizarre Creations. The original Xbox game was good, but the sequel improved on just about everything: more cars, more tracks, more variety in locations, while still keeping the blistering and terrifying lighting-fast racing action. Could mobile platforms be where this highly-regarded franchise finds a new home?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar made the impossible possible when they released the iconic PlayStation 2 title Grand Theft Auto III for mobiles and tablets at the end of last year. It begs the obvious question of when we might see a mobile version of the nostalgia-laden Vice City, and the ridiculously glorified violence of San Andreas? Rockstar hasn't ruled out future releases for handhelds, so we'll just have to hope they have something up their sleeves.

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