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Grounded in Pocket Planes? Don't worry, we've got all the help you need.

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Whether you're a Pocket Planes addict who's been unable to resist the lure of Nimble Bit's latest game, or you're completely new to their hellishly addictive brand of business sims, we've got all the tips, cheats and tricks you'll need to become the next Richard Branson.

First things first

The interface of Pocket Planes is not quite as easy to use as Tiny Tower's was, so take some time to get used to finding your way around. The quicker you can navigate the screens, the more likely you are to keep all of your planes in the air and earning money.

Different planes can carry different amounts of cargo and/or passengers. When your plane is idle at an airport, you should first hit the icon that looks like a plane and a magnifying glass. Under 'Capacity' you'll then be able to see how much of each type you are ably to carry.

Once you've exited that screen, you can head to the far left button to work out who and what to take to where!


When planning your routes, be sure to take into consideration how far away the destination airport is compared to the reward for carrying the passenger or cargo. You may be able to get a little extra cash from the highest paying job, but if it takes ten minutes longer than the others, you should go for the quicker, easier money.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing an airport, you're going to need to weigh up a few things. First, how busy is the region? If it's got a high population then there'll be more jobs available to keep your fledgling airline in the air and profitable. The flip side is that the cost of purchasing an airport in that region will be much higher than a less-populated location.

Stick to the smaller airports as you start off and concentrate on having a large number of smaller bases. This will make sure there's always plenty of work for the few planes that you have in your fleet at the beginning of the game. Over time you can expand into the more profitable (and accordingly expensive) locations.

In it for the Bux

Any time you're offered the chance to transport a person for a Bux reward you should take it, even if that means turning down a more lucrative cash job. Bux are essential for acquiring new planes outright, and you'll never have too many of them. As you increase the airports you own, you'll also discover random plane parts, so resist the urge to buy planes outright and instead use your Bux to pick up any missing pieces from the in-game market. It's much cheaper overall.

Another great way to earn Bux is to take part in the Flight Crew section of Pocket Planes. Make sure that you and your friends have typed the same name into the Flight Crew section, and then set off together to complete the events in exchange for some serious Bux.

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