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Modojo's helpful guide will steer you to a first place finish.

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Asphalt 7: Heat Top Five Tracks

It's time to rev your engine and cross the finish line with Gameloft's newest arcade racer, Asphalt 7: Heat. This new entry in the popular mobile series comes with 15 glorious tracks, over 60 vehicles from numerous manufacturers and a variety of different modes to enjoy. That said, we put together this helpful guide to make sure you always come in first.

Tip #1: Equip One Sponsor Before A Race

Don't be afraid to spend a little green on sponsors, AKA perks that imbue your vehicle with different abilities, from passing opponents to gain more nitrous to getting a speed boost after a crash. Bottom line, this is a great way to obtain that all-important edge.

Tip #2: Utilize Vehicle Upgrades

Open your virtual wallet and put a little something extra beneath the hood. There are six vehicle upgrades, all of which make your favorite muscle machine more effective on the track. With this in mind, be sure to tinker with a car's Top Speed, Acceleration, Nitrous, Nitro Efficiency, Handling and Armor.

Tip #3: Drive Through Icons

During a race, you'll often see icons carefully placed around a track. Just plow right into them to pick up additional cash, nitrous energy or a welcome speed boost.

Tip #4: Take Shortcuts

Each track in Asphalt 7: Heat features multiple shortcuts/different paths that'll help you get the jump on other racers while A.) grabbing more power-ups and cash, and B.) giving you a whole new area to explore. That said, if you see a ramp, take it.

Tip #5: Be Mindful Of Race Goals

Earn bonuses from completing in-game achievements, like collecting 10 Asphalt Dollar pick-ups, performing two knockdowns and earning three Asphalt Stars in one event. To see a list of current goals, simply pause a race at any time. They'll be on the right; you can also find them on the main screen.

Tip #6: Try Before You Buy

In a surprise move, Gameloft lets you earn a lot of Asphalt Dollars through playing the game normally, whereupon which you can spend the money on expensive cars. Just don't blow it all at once. Asphalt 7: Heat features a cool renting system where you can take a car for a test drive in exchange for a reasonable chunk of change, depending on the type of vehicle. Granted, it's only for one race, but it's better than splurging on a muscle machine that you'll soon hate.

Tip #7: Use Nitrous When Appropriate

Depending on how much nitro you collect during a race, you may press the screen up to three times to propel your car past the competition. Do this while barreling down straightaways, and not after hitting something or steering your way around long turns. The same holds true for activating Adrenaline mode.

Tip #8: Cheat By Purchasing More Asphalt Dollars And Stars

If you don't have the patience to fill your virtual bank account through grinding, Gameloft is right there with in-app purchases. Asphalt Dollars cost anywhere between $1.99 (300,000) to $99.99 (15,000,000), while Asphalt Stars use the same pricing structure, with four costing $1.99, and 200 costing $99.99.

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