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Master Magic 2013 with our new wizard's guide.

If you've read our review, then you'll know we've fallen in love with Wizard of the Coast's brand-new Magic: The Gathering game for iPad. Magic 2013 can be a tricky beast to tame, so if you've been swept up in the hype but you need a helping hand, we'll get you ready for battle.

Master the AI

Before you even think of going online, make sure to complete all of the Revenge missions. These are ramped-up versions of the opponents that you'll face during the main campaign, and to be honest the campaign isn't all that difficult. As well as picking up useful new cards that will give you the edge, Revenge will teach you how to think two steps ahead.

Once you've mastered Revenge, take on the Challenge mode which will teach you how to make extreme comebacks and deal with the more tricky situations that human opponents are likely to throw your way constantly when you head online.

What on earth is Planechase?

A quick run-down. Planechase throws all of your carefully-honed strategies out of the window in a four player game that uses a brand new deck to completely change how the usual game plays out. A roll of a die introduces so-called 'global effects' which affect cards in play in different ways. Best leave the online 2-player Planechase until you've really mastered the mode in single-player. If you're looking for a little more daftness in your Magic, hook up with friends and enjoy the madness!

Don't get mad get knowledge

Any player of strategy games like Starcraft 2 will tell you that the only thing more useful than a win is a loss. One of the joys of playing Magic games is discovering new and extraordinary strategies, so if you take a loss in multiplayer think carefully about how they either came back from the brink, or destroyed you so quickly. Sure the luck of the draw plays a part, but trying to understand the deepest synergies of card play will make sure that your own luck goes further in the future.

Experiment with decks

If you're really not enjoying your current play-style try switching up your deck to something completely different. The variety in Magic 2013 is its strength, so if your nature-based deck is either not performing well or just doesn't suit your style, switch up to something more deadly if you're suffering in the damage stakes, or opt for a deck that limits an opponents ability to successfully execute their own strategy.

Doing your homework

Once you've settled on a deck to master, do your best to understand the synergies between the cards and don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies. Above all else, experience will teach you more than any guide can ever tell you, so don't be afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Practice practice practice. Oh, and be sure to read up on your cards in the Deck Manager!

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