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Brush up on your training with help from Rubicon Development.

There are a ton of tips, tricks and cheats articles written by video game journalists, including several from us. Although these virtual guides are cool resources to have on hand, it's always better to get the inside track directly from the source. With this in mind, we asked the talented folks at Rubicon Development to offer some help for its recently released iOS and Android title, Great Big War Game. By following their advice, you should become the master of turn-based strategy warfare in no time.

-Scouting is very important both in single and multiplayer. You need to know what the enemy has built so you can buy the forces to counter them. Knowing is half the battle.

-Always check enemy firing ranges by holding down on them and move your units appropriately. Don't be afraid to use the undo button when positioning your army.

-If your opponent gets the upper hand and starts cranking out loads of units, counter them with units that deal splash damage like the Grenadier and MLRS.

-Try to keep an Engineer or two out in the field with your main army. You never know when you'll come across something that could be captured.

-Sentry Guns work best when you have two or more with overlapping firing arcs.

-Take advantage of the minimum firing range of enemy Snipers by shooting them at point-blank range with Grunts. The Recon Tank can also do this trick well against Artillery and MLRS units.

-Jeeps are great for transporting infantry but are very weak, so be sure to have their route fully scouted before deploying them.

-Mega units like the Cruiser and Bomber can change the game, but they will be a money sink if you leave them unsupported. They should only be deployed when you already have cheaper units available to escort them.

-Remember that in single-player missions, you don't need to control the whole map to win. Focus on the objective and your task will appear much less daunting.

-The first team to take a neutral oil derrick in multiplayer gets a 100 coin bonus right there and then, to be spent that turn.

-Behemoths are the best unit in the game for destroying the enemy HQ.

-The unit balance is very much "rock, paper, scissors". Learn what to attack with what, and life gets much simpler.

-Damage inflicted on a victim is decreased in proportion to the health of the shooter. Given their counter-attack is always going to have been reduced by your initial attack, it's usually better to shoot first and ask questions later.

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