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Once more unto the breach, my friends. This time with knowledge!

Are you playing Fieldrunners 2? Are you battle-fatigued already? Never fear, we've assembled a crack team of strategists to pull together all the knowledge you'll need to march towards victory!

The right tools for the right job

A successful strategy in the trenches will be very different to that required on the more free-flowing maps where you have to build maze-structures to keep the enemy lingering just long enough to be obliterated.

In the former, you're going to need to make sure that the radius of every turret is maximized so you get the most for your money, and ensure that turrets aren't just restricted to firing at whatever approaches them. If they can shoot behind as well, you'll get much more bang for your buck. Any time you have a cluster of guns that are fully upgraded, it only makes sense to have a Glue Tower or two in there so that your weapons have the most chance to take out an enemy before they can make too much progress.

Free-flowing maps require a little more planning. What you're really trying to do here is make sure that the invading enemies take the longest route possible while also making sure you don't run out of cash. The classic up-and-down walled route is perfect for the job as it'll make them walk up and down the screen multiple times before reaching the finishing line. Pack this wall with the cheaper Gatling Towers and make' em pay!

Unlocking Towers

The only way to unlock additional deadly towers in the game is by increasing your collection of stars. How do you do that? Well, as with the coin rewards, more stars are awarded for completing missions on harder difficulty settings.

Casual may provide a great arcade experience, but we recommend playing on at least Tough to get the most value out of your time and open up more exciting gameplay options. Of course, Heroic's where it's really at but we recommend taking that setting on when you have the most firepower you can muster. You're going to need it...

The early days

Here's the low-down on the basic turrets you'll start off with. Note that it's possible to get through the early missions by spamming plenty of these, and nothing more.

Gatling Tower

"More bark than bite, an efficient wall builder."
Placement cost: $5
Upgrade cost: $4

As the description says, these are great for walling off enemies on the free-form maps. Why? Well, first of all they're the cheapest unit in the game and they block just as effectively as any other. Secondly, if you push the Gatling Tower to the highest upgrade level, it packs a terrifying punch on the battlefield. These units are well worth investing in for the long-haul.

Glue Tower

"Substantially slows one unit."
Placement cost: $10
Upgrade cost: $5

We're pretty content to upgrade this unit just the once and have a couple placed near any spawn points to help keep the early action under control.. The limitation of targeting just one unit is a severe one though, and won't help you out in the more frantic stages. You'd also be well advised to keep a few of these near the finishing line, as they can make the difference between success or failure if they allow you to squeeze off just one more shot.

Missile Tower

"Good range. Good area damage. Good tower."
Placement cost: $20
Upgrade cost: $15

You'll have to wait a little while to unleash these onto the battlefield given their cost, but once you have a bit of spare cash in the back these are a very worthwhile option. Not only are they super-effective against airborne targets, they also unleash devastating damage against multiple opponents.

Hit the Decks

If you're struggling with the challenge, why not go after some of the card deck collections? These are a great way of attaining bonuses that will help you out of even the tightest of situations. They're also a great incentive for replaying missions, so here's the low-down on each one:

Grunt Deck

Reward: 1,000 coins

Requirements: Defeat 2000 Runners, 2000 Super Troopers, 1000 Stubborn Runners, 1000 Toastmasters, 2000 Hazmats, 200 Medics

Iron Deck

Reward: 20 Rewinds

Requirements: Defeat 1000 Scramblers, 1000 Dirty Hogs, 1000 Sidehackers, 200 Jammed Jeeps, 100 Heavy Transports, 300 Baby Tanks, 250 Momma Tanks, 100 V2 on a Trucks, 1 Legendary Panzer, 1 Legendary Tiger

Bird Deck

Reward: 25 Freezes

Requirements: Defeat 100 Fokkers, 100 Wingnuts, 20 S-17 Skywhales, 1 Night Fokker, 1 Lieutenant Sakai, 1 Flying Ace, 1 Red Baron

Whirly Deck

Reward: 30 Mines

Requirements: Defeat 250 Huey Copters, 100 Louie Copters, 20 Bad Day Blimps, 1 Hindenburg, 1 Zeppelin

World Deck

Reward: 40 Fire Traps

Requirements: Earn 30 stars, complete all of the original maps, earn two stars on all the original maps, earn 3 stars on all of the original maps.

Hardcore Deck

Reward: 2,000 coins

Requirements: Defeat every Elite unit from the original maps, play once a week every week for six months, beat every level in 24 hours, beat every level in 24 hours on Heroic.

Red means bad, OK?

Keep an eye out for that flashing red soldier icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. It means a new and potentially deadly enemy is about to appear on the battlefield and you definitely won't want to be caught unawares!

The description will give you important information about the incoming threat, so don't be afraid to change out a few of your tower units near the spawning point. Yes, you'll lose a little money by doing so, but if they're ineffective against the danger, then they're wasted money anyway. By the time you get to the mid-game, you should have more than enough cash in the bank to be able to tweak your load-out to suit the changing threat.

Go the extra mile

If there's one thing that improved our strategy more than anything else, it was sticking around after each mission to carry on in the Endless mode which opens up the minute you achieve your mission objectives.

Nothing will show up the glaring holes in what you felt was a perfect strategy like a dreadful swarm of endless, defense-battering enemies. As well as refining your strategy for the later, harder levels, it will also help you make progress on those card decks. Having those bonus items will definitely help you later on in the game!

A little help from my friends

Here's the low-down on those extra-special items:


Just as you'd expect, this takes you back in time a little bit, undoing the last three turns you made. Very handy when you've laid down the wrong tower at just the wrong moment. Don't be afraid to use these when an unexpected fighting force appears either, as they'll let you place superior towers on the battlefield without costing you money.

Deep Freeze

This is great for bringing everything, or rather everyone to a halt. Anything caught up in the radius of Deep Freeze will be pinned to the spot, and you should consider using these if you've struggled to build up a rear defense and have to keep the action centered around where your most awesome firepower is!

Smart Mine

These are very, very smart indeed! When you place one of these beauties on the map, anything caught up in the green blast radius will be obliterated instantly. Best used in the late game when the swarms are coming thick and fast, and the traditional firepower just won't keep the enemy at bay.

Spanish Flu

The rather grim Spanish Flu is a contagious damage-over-time effect that spreads from unit to unit, gradually wearing them down and turning them into easy pickings for your artillery.

Different map types

Here's the low-down on each of the different map types you'll encounter in the game:

Sudden Death

You'll be tasked with simply surviving as long as possible as a vicious onslaught of enemies appear. Your strategy here should be to wall off the enemies with Gatling Towers as efficiently as possible, then gradually introduce greater firepower as the invading armies grow larger.

Puzzle Maps

In these maps, you'll only have a limited amount of money with which to steer enemy units towards a predetermined point.

Time Trial

Feeling brave? You'd better be before taking on a Time Trial challenge. Here you'll be tasked with killing a certain number of troops within a fixed amount of time. Go for raw firepower here and upgrade your artillery units as quickly as possible.

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