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Improve your card battling strategy with help directly from Mobage.

As far as new intellectual property goes, Rage of Bahamut is one of 2012's greatest success stories. The Mobage-powered card game came out of nowhere to dominate both iOS and Android, where it quickly surged to become the top grossing game for each platform, with 16 weeks of uninterrupted dominance on Google Play, specifically.

Of course, a deep strategy game like this means players are always angling for the best tips and tricks, and we just so happen to have some, directly from the game's creators.

Tactics and Play Styles

Man: Warriors, magicians and thieves from history and fairytales.
They tend to be good at defense.

Gods: Myth monsters, angels and fairies like Odin and Pixies. They tend to be a good balance with attack and defense ability. Enables players to be flexible.

Demons: Monsters and witch like dragons, Vampires and golems. They tend to have high offensive power and attack power up skills.

All: There are many varieties of cards in Rage of Bahamut. With combining them, players can handle any situation. Get many cards and adaptively compose your deck for battle.

10 Tips For Novices

1. Acquire cards to expand and level up your deck, and acquire Treasures through Questing:

-Complete Quests to follow the storyline and delve into the realm of Rage of Bahamut.
-By Questing early on, players can acquire Rupies, experience points, new character cards and Treasures.
-Collect an entire series of Treasures, and get rewarded a high-value card.

2. Breed your deck by Evolving and Enhancing the cards:

-As you collect cards through Quests and Card Packs, try Evolving and Enhancing the cards to improve abilities.
-Evolving: Evolving cards allows you to combine cards with the same name, which makes the card stronger by increasing its Attack and Defense stats, Maturity, and Rarity.
-Enhancing: You can choose to enhance a card with any other card to further evolve and strengthen the card.

3. Battle with rivals for Treasures:

-If players attack other players, winners can claim Rupies or Treasures.
-Always check against another players' Level, Defense and cards when challenging someone to a battle.
-Similar to gaining and receiving Gifts, a series of Treasures cannot be completed on your own. Some Treasures need to be won through battle.

Enhancing the Deck

4. Extra cards for Enhancing:

-It's best to collect a lot of extra cards, so they can be used towards Enhancing.
-Extra cards can be collected by Quests, Card Packs and Friendship.
-In more advanced-level Quests, players can get better cards. On the other hand, the stamina consumption becomes bigger.
-Replay Quests that were previously cleared in order to gain extra cards.
-It is best to enhance cards that have maxed out on Evolution.

5. Effect of Evolving:

-When players Evolve, the card being evolved will increase by a percentage of the evolution card. Most cards have 4 evolution stages, but some cards will have more. Each time a card is Evolved, its stats and abilities will increase, as well as the cards' Rarity.
-More players Evolve a card, the higher its parameters will be.
-There are multiple ways to gain higher stats for a card. Here are some ways:
*Evolution Max: can choose to Evolve a card to its maximum Evolution, and then Enhance it.
*Dual Enhance: two sets of the same character card, and evolve it with various cards. Then when it is enhanced to its maximum potential, Evolve the two final cards to create an extra strong card.
*Multi Enhance: Same as Dual Enhance, but this time building four maximum Enhanced cards, then Evolving them to create an ultimate card.

6. Skill Effects

-In battle, players have a higher chance at victory with a deck composed of mostly the same attribute (Man, God, Demon) of cards and appropriate skilled cards. For example, if a player is in the Man attribute, the player should use the Man attribute cards for the deck. Similarly, players should also use cards which enhance the Man attribute's offensive power, and maximize the skill effect.
-The cards located at the top position on the deck have a high probability of skill execution.

7. Enhancing card skills

-Skilled cards can have their skills Enhanced by using extra cards. However, the probability of this happening is low. By using many and more rare cards at the same time, the probability will be higher.
-And also by using "Devil Reina" which can be acquired in special limited time events, players can increase the probability of skill enhancement.

Acquiring cards and the effect of the Order:

8. When joining an Order, your attack and defense points increase.

-The Order is also known as the guild function.
-Players can team up with other players
-With breeding Orders bigger, players are able to create buildings that enhance the cards' parameters in battle situations.
-And also joining Orders have other benefits, such as the Order rewards in events.

9. Get reward cards in special limited time events

-In Rage of Bahamut, events are held frequently. Players can get rare cards in events and even limited cards which cannot be acquired in normal quests.
-Actively participate in events to get rewarded more rare cards.

10. Get strong cards through Card Packs

-Cards from the card pack are extremely strong compared to cards acquired through Quests.
-Sometimes, players can get high rare, S rare and SS rare cards.
-Buy Card Packs to elevate your position in battles!

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