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Get more Flooz, expand your town and collect poop. It'll come in handy later, we promise.

Happy Street Update 1.2.0 is now available. We've got all the details right here on Modojo.

We've had many positive things to say about Happy Street, Godzilab's visually appealing freemium effort for iPhone and iPad that tasks you with creating a town and making its residents (a bunch of animals that speak gibberish) happy. Intrigued? You should be, and to help get you started, we have this cheats and tips guide. Happy building.

Conserve Flooz

While playing Happy Street, it's very easy to give in to the temptation of haphazardly spending Flooz to speed up the building, crafting, cooking and growing processes. Yes, it's great to fast-forward through that stuff, but always keep in mind that you need precious Flooz to buy more land. Bottom line, you can't expand your town without extra space, so don't let that Flooz burn a hole through your virtual pocket.

Exchange Flooz For Gold

Tight on gold coins? No need for all that excessive (you lucky devil) Flooz? You can actually exchange Flooz for gold, which gives you the chance to buy more businesses and other cool stuff.

Cheat By Purchasing Flooz And Tokens

As much as we love Happy Street, it can be a bit of a grind. That said, we've already spent some real-world cash via in-app purchase on more Flooz and even Tokens for the slot machine. Perhaps you should do the same.

Hand of Flooz (9): $0.99
Bag of Flooz (50): $4.99
Barrel of Flooz (110): $9.99
House of Flooz (250): $19.99
Mountain of Flooz (1500): $99.99

Handful of Token (6): $0.99
Bag of Token (33): $4.99
Heap of Token (150): $19.99

Pop Balloons

See someone carrying a balloon? Pop it to score extra gold coins.

Complete Missions

During play, characters will ask you to complete missions. These range from making a bird poop on people's heads to building different structures and upgrading your house. Don't dismiss these, as you stand to gain lots of gold and other valuable items.

Always Keep A Surplus Of Items Handy

Get into the habit of collecting resources, even if you don't need them at the moment. You never know when some wood logs, golden tulips and toadstools will come in handy. Better to have that stuff on hand instead of gathering it from scratch.

Play The Slots

Erect a Lucky Spin slot machine in your town. From there, insert a blue token for a spin with the goal of winning Flooz, because at the end of the day, you can never have enough of that stuff.

Customize Characters

You can change a character's appearance if he or she has a birthday cake icon, which lets you gift them glasses, hats and t-shirts. You may also gain a little bonus for your generosity.

Enjoy The Fiesta

Filling the Love bar on the right side of the screen lets you temporarily enter Fiesta Mode, a frenzied shopping state where the town's residents buy in bigger quantities. Ultimately, it means more gold in your bank account.

Score The Bonus Payout

Keep an eye out for opportunities to place businesses at key locations for a 25 percent or higher bonus payout. This also occurs when you put two specific shops next to each other.

Collect Poop

For some odd reason, Happy Street has a bird that poops on command. Disgusting, yes, but also beneficial. Not only will you utilize this poop to complete missions, but it also proves useful in making fertilizer that instantly regrows trees in the forest.

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