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Got a thirst for blood? Our beginner's guide will help you sink your teeth into Mobage's new game.

Earlier today we reviewed Mobage's great new Android title Blood Brothers. A pocket RPG with a focus on collectibles, there's plenty to wrap your head around when you first play the game. We've put together some handy tips for this brand-new title, along with the low-down on all the important information you're going to need to know when you start out.

Classy characters

Here's an overview of each of the classes available in Blood Brothers, including their dominant stats, their play-style, and special moves. Most of these conform to established RPG archetypes, so if you've any experience in the genre then you should have no trouble picking one out that's perfect for you.

The White Knight
Stats: ATK, DEF
Special: Joint Strike

A strong fighter who blends protection with devastating damage.

The Green Healer
Stats: WIS, DEF
Special: Greater Heal

Gets you out of even the toughest fights with an emergency heal.

The Red Samurai
Stats: ATK, AGI
Special: Brawl

Specializes in getting the first punch in, and delivering a high damage output after that.

The Purple Knife
Stats: ATK, WIS
Special: Bind

The first mage archetype, this character offers devastating damage on the battlefield.

The Black Brute
Stats: High ATK
Special: Massive Assault

Forgoing defense for even greater damage, this is for those players who like to go in thick and fast. and worry about the consequences later.

The Golden Lance
Stats: High AGI
Special: Scythe Storm

Another high-damage character who favors brute force over defenses.

The Blue Beard
Stats: DEF, WIS,
Special: Frontal Assault

A DPS warrior with a few magical tricks up his sleeves.

The Grey Mage
WIS AND AGI, Firestrike (Sorcerer)

Your traditional glass-cannon fire mage with all the destructive power you'd expect from the class.

Forging ahead

Over at the Forge Pact area, you can get some brand-new familiars in exchange for those chunky coins you've been collecting. Different colored coins have a higher value when it comes to summoning new, random familiars. For a guaranteed rare familiar, you'll need to use some of your real-world money to take part in the appropriate lottery.

A captive audience

You can also acquire new allies and minions from the enemies slain on your adventure. There are two different rituals you can cast after a victory that will ensnare them, but only the Heartsblood ritual guarantees success. Think twice before wasting these on any old capture though, because sooner or later you're bound to encounter an awesome creature that you can't live without.

Something for nothing

After the tutorial, you'll be prompted to add a friend code in exchange for some nice gold and coin rewards. If you don't have one available at the time, you can head back to the ID submission page from the main page by hitting the Info button and submitting it later. Note however that you need to submit a code within three days of downloading the game to receive the reward.

Looking for your own ID to share within the community? Head to the Board section of the main menu and your ID will be listed in very small writing in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Making the most of your minions

There's no point have two of the same creatures in your collection if only one of them ever gets used. Over in the Evolution section, you can select two creatures and (for a currency cost) sacrifice one of them to enhance the surviving creature's stats. You can only evolve creatures so far however, and different beasts have different evolution limits, displayed in the game.


Do get into the habit of checking out your Wagon from the main screen. From time to time you'll be awarded various bonus items (mainly currency) which are yours for the taking, for tree. Get into the habit of checking it out whenever you log in.

Head to the shops

There are a few handy items to be purchased from the Store (accessed via the main menu) if you're really lagging behind your friends. You'll need MobaCoins to purchase these special items, which are available to buy from the same page. Here's what you can get hold of if you need a sly advantage:


"Man-shaped root that multiples to fill rations."

100 MobaCoin
1000 MobaCoin (11)

3-Elixir Set

"Alchemical remedy that recalls a single familiar."

100 MobaCoin


"Recalls fallen familiars and restores HP of the wounded."

300 MobaCoin


"Always binds a captive to you as a familiar."

200 MobaCoin
2000 MobaCoin (11)

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