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Rule the road with our zombie smashing guide.

Ah Gears & Guts, such a guilty pleasure. Glu Mobile's freemium effort loses points for originality, but the game more than makes up for that with non-stop action, as we control a car or truck and splatter a variety of zombies, sending bloody chunks flying in all directions. Now factor in the constant tinkering, as we outfit those rides with the best weapons, and there's a lot to like about this post apocalyptic gore fest.

Of course, the game will kick your butt if you go in blind, so to help give you an advantage against the undead, we prepared this beginner's guide. Now go out there and crush some zombies.

Buy More Tokens Via In-App Purchase

Sure, you can grind your way to victory, but there's something to be said for a quick fix. With this in mind, consider sending money in Glu's direction for extra tokens, because these suckers are really tough to come by, and you need them to buy some of the best weapons and vehicles.

40 Token Pack ($1.99)
110 Token Pack ($4.99)
260 Token Pack ($9.99)
640 Token Pack ($19.99)
2,000 Token Pack ($49.99)
5,200 Token Pack ($99.99)

Spend Tokens Wisely

If you amass tokens, think long and hard about the best ways to spend your loot. Yes, you could give in to temptation and splurge on the Lamborghini inspired Futurismo, but perhaps the money should go towards a weapon or bolt doubler. Maybe even some revives in case you get stuck on a particular level. Eh, these are your tokens. Buy what makes you happy.

Thankfully, the game's other form of virtual currency, bolts, are much easier to come by, and you can still pick up some cool gear without having to constantly obsess over tokens. Not only that but you can replay missions for more bolts. Yes, do that.

Know Your Zombies

It's very easy to just plow through monsters without a care in the world. Hey, this works most of the time, and seeing the resulting blood cover the street is quite rewarding. Driving blind, though, may also get you killed. On that note, educate yourself on the types of zombies and know their special abilities. Chuckers, for example, throw projectiles, while Runners grab onto your ride. Crawlers launch themselves in your direction, Goobers explode on contact and Bruisers are especially difficult to take down; you'll discover even more zombie types along the way. Arm yourself with this knowledge, as it means the difference between life and, well, you know.

Don't Forget Your Daily Boost

Gears & Guts awards you with one free item each day, but it's on a timer, so you can't claim it whenever you want. Thankfully, you can see how much time is left by visiting the Store.

Upgrade Your Ride

If you're partial to a certain vehicle and refuse to drive anything else, upgrade it whenever possible. Just highlight the car or truck and hit the upgrade button on the top right, just above the card that lists the current attributes: Armor, Slots, Speed, Handling. Just keep in mind that it'll take a long time to transform a low-level ride into something powerful.

Choose The Right Vehicle For The Job

Conversely, you should also consider dumping the weaker vehicles for the tougher (and meaner) rides. Will you go all-in with the 6,000 bolt Dominatrux, or the 1,200 token Occupier? Do you need a slow but tougher truck, or a much speedier car? Decisions, decisions.

Always Trick Out Your Ride With Weapons

You could in theory run over all the monsters to complete a stage, but good luck with that. Instead, be sure to take the best equipment for the job. Put some spikes or barbed wire along the front of the car or truck, then go for some real stopping power on top. How does a Howitzer sound? What about a Sonic Missile, or even an MLRS Rocket? Those zombies won't stand a chance.

Choose The Control Scheme That's Right For You

Gears & Guts has both touch and tilt controls. Both work quite well, but you'll obviously prefer one over the other. Although the game asks you to make a choice before playing, you can always switch by clicking the gear at the top right corner of the screen.

Scrap Items To Power-Up Other Items

Over time, you'll acquire a collection of low level junk. Don't let it clutter up your inventory. Instead, use it to power-up other items. This holds true for both cars/trucks and weapons.

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