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The developers lay out their strategies for success.

Earlier today we published our interview with Slick Entertainment about the development of its explosive and wonderfully silly shooter Shellrazer. The team also took some time out to give us their best strategies for success. Read on if you want to get ahead of the game.

Shane Neville

"I play two main builds, depending on the level. My main build is Oscar the War Piper, Hammond The Heavy Gunner and Simon The Arms Dealer. When he's hooked up to Simon and the Oscar is playing the big horn, Hammond cuts through just about anything. I'll usually outfit the crew with lots of bandages and more damage upgrades for Hammond.

My second build is for levels with lots of turrets and mines. They do a lot of damage and Hammond isn't the best option against buildings. Blade the Shredder hangs out on top, clearing out buildings and the keeping the skies clear. Shotgun Eddy in the middle and Gunnar on the bottom to keep the pesks away. I'll usually equip the Eddy and Blade with armor and bandages and give
Gunnar damage bonuses against ground and air. The little guy needs all the help he can get keeping the screen clear.

I love checking out the forums and seeing what builds people are using. There are so many combinations out there. Nobody on the dev team uses the same build, which is pretty cool."

Jenn Lewis

"I have 'one loadout to rule them all', though those end levels still regularly give me grief. Top down, it's Tim of the North, Oscar the Warpiper, Gunnar Gunnarson. Early on, I got used to laying on Gunnar's wrath as soon as the mission started. Keeping him around has driven my loadout exploration. As for Tim and Oscar, they're powerful allies but also have cool sound effects. Double bonus!"

Nick Waanders

"My loadout is modeled after Jesse's. I like the Shredder at the bottom, Tim of the North in the middle, and the SkySlayer at the top. The Shredder is really good at grazing stuff at the bottom, especially buildings. After it's done it can bounce to the top and take out any air unit on the way. The SkySlayer rules the air, and the Icegun is an awesome all purpose slowdown machine."

Jesse Turner

I think Shane's nerfing Tim of the North's top upgraded damage so I'm not too sure how well I'll dig my old standby. I found that I needed to replace the Skyslayer with Hammond in the later levels of the "Hard as Shell" difficulty.

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