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Modojo rounds up the best of the App Store flight sims.

The flight simulation experience may feel more natural on a PC or Mac, but there have been some fantastic titles released for the iPhone and iPad over the last couple of years. We wanted to pick out some of our favorites for you to check out today. Pricey? More often than not, yes. But if you're fanatical about flight, you'll get value for money from any of these titles.

X-Plane 9 / X-Plane for iPad

Originally a game for PCs and Macs, X-Plane 9 boasts the deepest physics engine in our round-up and takes in locations as diverse as California, Austria and Hawaii. If you'd like a piece of virtual certification to show your proud achievements off with, you can even gain in-game FCC accreditation. As well as the core game, there's a whole host of support apps you can buy to add even more depth to the experience. This is a great flight sim for those who want to take a beefier PC/Mac simulation on the go.

Download X-Plane 9 (iPhone)
Download X-Plane for iPad (iPad)

Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight is one of the most lauded flight sims on the App Store and there are some pretty good reasons why. First and foremost is the developer's commitment to responding to fan feedback and tweaking the entire experience accordingly. There's also a total of 18 plans to get behind the controls of, as well as three beautifully rendered locations containing more than 170 different airports altogether. As well as a detailed flight-planning component, there's a huge number of variables to apply, from wind speed to yoke assists, visibility and plenty more besides.

Download Infinite Flight (iOS)

Flight Unlimited

Promising greater landscape detail than the majority of the App Store flight sims, Flight Unlimited features a gorgeous world to fly over in one of two beautifully rendered aircrafts: the Cessna 172, and the Challenger 300 Jet. If your flight simulation fantasies have ever involved trying to land a plane in a busy one way street, Flight Unlimited should probably be your next destination. Note that you'll need one of the more recent generations of iPhones and iPads to be able to get stuck into this game, so check the App Store carefully before buying.

Download Flight Unlimited (iOS)

F-Sim Space Shuttle

The real-life Space Shuttle may have only recently been retired (don't get us started), but you can still enjoy the thrills of a space launch, thanks to Ledinsky's fantastic app. It's recently been updated to take advantage of the new iPad's high-resolution screen too, so it's never looked better. You can either strap in as the captain, or take an outside view of the craft as you head towards the stars, before bringing the old girl safely back to Earth.

Download F-Sim Space Shuttle (iOS)

Metalstorm: Wingman

OK we're stretching the boundaries of what exactly constitutes a flight sim here, but what the hell. We've had a blast playing Metalstorm, so if you want a break from eying up altitude meters and avoiding the fish at all costs, this is a great game for letting some steam off in. An arcade dog-fighter, Metalstorm also has some lovely landscapes to soar through as you shoot the living hell of every other jet in sight.

Download Metalstorm: Wingman (iOS)

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