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Master this magnificent match-three game with our in-depth guide.

We've managed to tear ourselves away from the outstanding Puzzle Craft just long enough to gather our thoughts and put a guide together on how to master this devilishly addictive match-three kingdom builder. Want a helping hand with your fledgling empire? We've got all the info you need to succeed.


We're in two minds about using a tool to clear out the grassland when farming. In the early days, when you have very limited moves, it makes sense to clear as much of the rubbish out as possible. Later on though you can stack up those grass patches to unlock decent, chain-building resources.

What you must do, particularly in those early days when you don't have many moves or much money, is go into each farming session with a plan. What do you need? How much of it do you need to get? Focus on what you need to achieve in each session before you start, and concentrate on pulling in the right resources.


Mining's a considerably tougher profession than farming, with a lot of wasted space and only a few precious minerals to work with. Consider too that clearing out the dirt in large numbers will bring destructive gas orbs into play.

You won't have many canaries to disperse the gas with when you start out, so we recommend heading into a mining session with plenty of dirt-clearing shovels in your backpack. It's essential that you get the most out of these visits, and you really don't want to destroy a potentially beautiful match-up just because you forgot to craft a shovel or two.

Dealing with rats, wolves and other pests

As you level up, you'll start to encounter more and more irritating critters in the fields. Rats will hop from grass patch to grass patch, and you won't be able to include any occupied tile in a match-up. Check your bags to see if you've acquired any spare cats during your leveling, as using one will instantly remove every rat from the screen.

Wolves are a pain too and will target your chickens. To deal with this threat, you're going to need to have access to a gun, so arm yourself at any opportunity and show them who's boss. There's a tool for every pest you encounter, so hang on to any gifts you're given.

Selling items on the market

The market is the thing we love the most about Puzzle Craft. Even if you currently lack the money to send your farmers into the fields, you can always scrape together some cash by selling your unwanted goods at the market.

Don't forget to do this whenever you have surplus stock, but also be careful not to sell one of the components you need for your current expansion.

Where should I place my buildings?

We've yet to see any evidence that placement makes a difference to your economy or production levels. We like to cluster our cottages and industries near the appropriate action, but that's just personal preference. Design the kingdom you want!

Using tools

The jury's out on how much you should rely on tools to enhance your farming efficiency, but we definitely don't recommend heading into the mines or fields without the necessary tools on standby. Just in case.

Even if that means sacrificing some resources, you never know when they'll make the difference between a run that's just a waste of money, and a session that's a road to unbelievable riches! Arm yourself and you'll be ready for even the lamest grid layout!

Multiple match-threes

If you've played Triple Town, you'll know what to expect here. Matching up resources is all well and good, but if you match up a high number of items then you'll release a better resource that pops onto the screen. Where that luxury item appears is random, but if you focus enough on producing these longer chains, you'll eventually be able to draw three of these better resources together.

This becomes essential later on in the game, when upgrades and expansions require more expensive materials. This is when it becomes important to have a balanced selection of workers, as these employees automatically reduce the number of tiles needed.

Who to hire?

It really depends on what stage of expansion you're at, and which resources you're finding yourself starved of most often. At the very least, you should hire at least one of every worker as they become available if you want to keep your expansion balanced, and in tune with your level.

Don't forget that you can't hire any new workers unless you have the cottages to accommodate them in. Sometimes you won't be able to invest in more cottages until you've leveled up a little more, but don't worry. Focus on other areas of the game and earn XP to reach the next critical level. Everything you acquire in the puzzle mode is useful, even if you end up just dragging it to the market for a quick injection of cash.

What to spend your money on

If you're cash-rich but resource-poor, you can bypass the resource requirements altogether and shell out for a new upgrade with hard coins. Don't expect to be able to do this until you level up a little, but you'll be surprised at how much cash you'll have acquired by the time you reach the tenth level or so.

Bear in mind as well that if you're lacking one key resource, you can always buy items from the market as well as sell them.

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