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Studio to demonstrate its first experiment today.


The developer's yet to publish a video feed of the presentation, but we'll update this story if that changes.

10:56 The live video feed has yet to materialize, but we have learned that the central cube will be comprised of 64 billion individual pieces.

10:33 A teaser trailer has been added to the developer's YouTube channel, hinting at a delayed September release for Curiosity:

Original Story

Peter Molyneux's much-discussed Curiosity experiment has yet to be released on the App Store for today's expected release date, but his new studio 22Cans will be running a live demonstration of the software on YouTube at 10am GMT today.

We'll have the feed available for you as soon as possible.

Curiosity is one of a number of experiments being run by 22Cans, the results of which will be fed into the studio's first major game, expected in 2013. Players will have to chip away at the Curiosity cube to discover what lies at the center, something Molyneux himself has described as life-changing.

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