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Hulk up and pulverize your adversaries with this superhero-sized guide.

Marvel just launched Avengers Initiative on iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon), an episodic beat-em-up starring the Incredible Hulk, with fellow superheroes Thor, Captain America and Iron Man to follow. In it, the green guy goes on a villain-stomping rampage, as he squares off against Abomination, Wendigo and other baddies. The game plays similar to Infinity Blade, so you'll definitely have an advantage if you played titles from that series. For everyone else, we dug deep to produce this Avengers Initiative cheats and tips guide, chock full of advice on how to pummel bad guys and stock up on as much ISO-8 as possible.

Buy More ISO-8 At The Store

Avengers Initiative uses ISO-8 (otherwise known as Isotope-8) as virtual currency, and you'll need quite a bit if you intend to purchase medkits, rage packs, costumes and other useful items that'll give Hulk an edge against his enemies. Fortunately, the game's developers are more than happy to let you purchase ISO-8 at the store. Spend wisely.

Pack of 10,000 ISO-8: $0.99
Pack of 52,000 ISO-8: $4.99
Pack of 240,000 ISO-8: $19.99
Pack of 400,000 ISO-8: $29.99
Pack of 800,000 ISO-8: $49.99

Search For Hidden ISO-8

Turns out, you'll find free ISO-8 littered throughout each environment. As soon as you see a clump of purple goodness, a quick finger tap is all it takes to pick it up. That said, some are tougher to find than others, so be sure to adjust the camera to examine every nook and cranny.

Play The ISO-8 Bash Mini-Game

Throughout Avengers Initiative, you'll come across large piles of ISO-8. Press one, and you'll play a timed mini-game called ISO-8 Bash, where you rapidly swipe the screen to produce tinier chunks just waiting to be collected. From there, press these pieces to pick them up, but beware the red ones, since tapping those will erase precious seconds off the clock.

Always Keep Different Packs Handy

Bottom line, you don't want to watch helplessly as the Hulk gets his butt kicked. Stronger enemies can easily deplete his health bar, so it's in your best interest to stock up on medkits, rage and rebound packs, just in case.

Five Medkits: 1,250 ISO-8
Five Rage Packs: 1,250 ISO-8
Three Rebound Packs: 1,250 ISO-8
20 Medkits: 5,000 ISO-8
20 Rage Packs: 5,000 ISO-8
12 Rebound Packs: 5,000 ISO-8

You Can Buy Medkits And Packs Without Visiting The Store

Simply press the pause button on the top of the screen. From there, choose which item you wish to purchase, then head back into the fight.

Wear Different Costumes To Increase Medkit And Pack Drops

Classic Hulk is great, no question, but there's a huge upside to switching outfits, including the King Hulk Costume, or the Fear Itself Hulk. For starters, each costume increases the likelihood of an ISO-8, Medkit, Rebound and Rage pack drop. You'll even stand to gain additional XP, which is what makes Gladiator Hulk so appealing. The coolest thing, though, is the ability to mix and match different parts to create your own personalized Hulk.

Augment Hulk's Abilities

There are a plethora of precious stones that, when equipped, dramatically alter Hulk's ability to bring the pain. Flawed Health (1,000 ISO-8) gives Hulk a +375 health boost, and Radiant Damage (5,000 ISO-8) provides +120 damage. You can even acquire combo gems like Prismatic Defense, which delivers +750 health and +11 stamina, but that one costs 30,000 ISO-8.

Unlock And Upgrade Hulk's Powers

The Incredible Hulk has six different powers tied to his Rage meter, of which, you can use three at a time. These range from World Breaker (Hulk smashes the ground to unleash a wave of damage) to Unmatched Might (Hulk roars, producing dangerous gamma radiation). The first step is to unlock them all using ISO-8. From there, be sure to upgrade them to increase their overall effectiveness in combat.

Always Distribute Stat Points

You'll quickly transform Hulk into the ultimate smashing machine by using acquired stat points, earned from leveling up. This feature allows you to boost his Health, Damage, Stamina and Rage, thus making him stronger in the process.

Destroy Enemies With Combos

It's one thing to press the right and left arrows to dodge attacks, then mindlessly swipe the screen to punch the enemy. That's child's play. If you really want to deal a hefty amount of damage, go for a combo. Avengers Initiative supports two, three, four and five-hit combos, executed by swiping in specific directions.

Two-Hit Combo: Two hits in opposite, non-diagonal directions. Example: Left, Right.

Three-Hit Combo: Three hits in the same direction. Example: Left, Left, Left.

Four-Hit Combo: Two hits in opposite directions, followed by two hits in the two remaining directions, excluding diagonals. Example: Down, Up, Left, Right.

Five-Hit Combo: Two hits in the same direction, followed by two hits in the opposite direction, followed by one hit in one of the other directions, excluding diagonals. Example: Right, Right, Left, Left, Up.

Perform Finishing Moves

After defeating an opponent, you can tap the screen like crazy to charge up to three different finishers. Pull one off, and Hulk stands to gain more experience points (XP). That said, you'll build the finishing meter much quicker by executing combos. Act fast, since you have a limited time to do this.

Tips And Tricks From Marvel

Some attacks cannot be blocked. Make sure that you either sidestep or deflect these attacks.

Place stat points in the areas that are most helpful to you. For example: If you don't block often, don't raise Hulk's Stamina as much.

Some ranged attacks (including Mandroid's missile attack), can be deflected back at the attacker.

Maximize your multiplier during ISO-Bash by chaining together the same color of ISO-8 to get more ISO-8.

Different enemies are more susceptible to certain moves, like sidestepping or deflecting. Adjust your approach depending on the enemy you face.

Deflecting an enemy's attack will give you a larger opening than if you simply blocked.

Augments are extremely potent. The more you have, the more of Hulk's potential you unlock.

Always check enemy info for enemy level and combat challenges.

Perfectly timed blocks will always stun an enemy.

Always search for items in exploration mode.

Performing Power inputs quickly during certain Rage attacks does more damage.

Always make sure to level up and heal before starting combat.

[Note: You'll find these tips and more in the game's virtual manual. Press pause, then tap the question mark on the right side of the screen.]

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