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Whatever you do, don't forget the Lums.

Rayman Jungle Run is a delightfully addictive platformer from Ubisoft that's a fun companion for both hardcore and casual players. There are no in-app purchases, thankfully, but it'll take a bit of strategy and skill to see everything this beautiful game has to offer. On that note, master this iPhone and iPad app with our Rayman Jungle Run tips guide.

Collect All The Lums

You know what Lums are, right? They're the happy yellow critters spread throughout the game's levels. Turns out, each stage contains 100 Lums, and capturing them all on your way to the exit nets you one red tooth. Collect five in one of Jungle Run's four level packs to unlock bonus Land of the Dead stages.

Not only that, but the more Lums you grab, the more Rayman wallpapers you'll unlock for your device of choice.

Don't Get Frustrated

Relax. You probably won't collect all 100 Lums your first couple of tries. Instead, focus on identifying their locations, along with the various nooks and crannies of each level. Not only will this propel you to victory, but it will also help you avoid pits and other hazards.

When In Doubt, Restart

Missed the goal by one Lum? It's cool. Just press the restart button on the top left corner of the screen to give it another go.

Race Against The Clock

When visiting Land of the Dead, the primary goal is to finish the levels as quickly as possible to rise up the online leaderboard. If you're taking too long, consider restarting, thereby resetting the timer.

Collect Hearts

These let Rayman absorb one hit from enemies, and prove to be quite valuable while exploring the trickier stages. Grab one whenever possible.

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