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Want to know everything there is to know about EA's new soccer game? We've got you covered.

As you can tell by our review, FIFA Soccer 13 is one of the best soccer games you can get for your iPad right now. But what if you're trying to adjust to some of the features in the game, or you're a newbie hitting the field for the first time? Not to worry, we've got you covered with some answers that'll have you scoring a goal in no time.

Take your shot and make your mark in FIFA 13.

What are the advantages of the Football Club?

The FIFA Football Club introduces you to a new level of social gaming, letting you join up with friends for challenges and competitions - stuff that lets you test your soccer mettle. More importantly, you'll be able to level up and build experience points, which in turn gives you a better status. And veterans of the sport will love the ability to play past soccer events their own way through various challenges. And who knows, you rookies might learn a thing or two as well...

Does it cost any extra? And does it cost anything to make an Origin account?

The only thing you have to pay for in FIFA 13, aside from the initial $6.99 app price, is if you need to boost your manager budget. You can pay anything from $1.99 to $19.99 to increase your budget, though it's optional. You can still play through the game without paying an extra cent and fare just fine. The feature is there for the truly dedicated players who want everything at their fingertips.

As far as the Origin account, there's no cost. Simply log in to your existing account - or create a new one free of charge - and you'll be good to go. And don't worry, there's no subscription or anything like that. It's not OnLive.

Will my game saves carry over if I play FIFA 13 on more than one device?

Yep. Game saves are kept in storage via iCloud, and you can retrieve your game in a matter of seconds, whether you're in the middle of a tournament or making moves in Manager mode. We tried this out with our iPhone and iPad models and experienced no problems whatsoever.

Is the Show Off mode easy to use?

It's simply a matter of setting up what clip you want to save from Instant Replay, choosing a few options through a menu, and showing them off to your fellow players in the Football Club. We'll tell you, we're pretty good with a bicycle kick. But don't worry, you can be too!

How does the Skill Move system work?

It's interesting, we'll give it that. There's a button that appears on the control layout that lets you activate a Skill Move in certain situations, whether you're setting up a free kick where you want it to go, or lining up a penalty shot in the hopes of getting it into the net. You can also use it for penalty kicks, or try to swivel around a touch function for a pro-style technique, in an attempt to score a goal.

We're not trying to make it sound technical, but really, it is, and it takes a little bit of practice to get nailed down. But it's a neat addition to the game that you'll want to try out. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Will I be lost if this is the first time I've played a FIFA game?

Not at all. FIFA 13 in general is very accessible, and even if you're a newbie stepping onto the field for the first time, you'll find that the controls are very user friendly. A number of options are at your fingertips, so you can configure difficulty settings and such to make it feel more like your game. And besides, it's never too late to be a fan.

Will this game run on older devices?

It will, but it's best recommended for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 and the new iPad HD model. Those will provide the best overall performance in terms of gameplay and display.

You said multiplayer takes a little while to get started. What's the best way to get into it?

Just log in to your Origin account and jump in, really. It takes a little while to load, and some people don't really have a strong connection in some places (3G/4G and Wi-Fi are definitely recommended), but, honestly, playing against friends is a blast. Just ask any Football Club resident.

There are so many teams and leagues to choose from. Where should I start?

Well, with the ability to adjust your difficulty settings and really make this feel like your game, our best advice is to just experiment. There are some excellent professional teams here, across 30 leagues, with over 500 to choose from. If you're not sure about international standings, however, start off with a good MLS team. You'll see their rankings as you scroll through them, so you can see how they stack up. Don't be afraid to select a home team favorite. Go Rapids!

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