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Gain control over your kingdom with our handy beginner's guide.

Earlier today we reviewed Royal Revolt!, flaregames' magnificent strategy action title. If you're struggling with the basics, we've got all the information you need to beat the game, and make some serious cash at the same time.

How can I quickly clear the early levels?

There's a very simple tactic to get through the early stages. For the first ten levels or so, just spam the creation of melee soldiers until you've got half a dozen or so. March with them towards the enemy, creating new soldiers whenever your morale bar allows you to.

As you move, spam your damage-dealing spell and heal button whenever they come off cooldown. You'll blast through the levels with a triple-A rating and a great chunk of change to boot.

How does healing work?

Everyone within the area-of-effect circle that surrounds your hero will be slowly healed when you hit the healing spell. In the early levels, you should spam this the moment it comes off cool-down to avoid having to replace units too soon.

How do I bring all the troops together in one place?

Once you bring your troops into play, they'll march endlessly forward through the level. Every once in a while though you'll be able to hit your character portrait in the top-left hand corner of the screen. This starts everyone marching towards your hero.

A great time to use this is when you have fresh troops arriving from the rear. Start moving towards them and then hit the portrait to draw everyone together. This is a great tactic for getting an emergency heal laid onto a huge number of fighters.

When should I use archers?

Archers are most useful for when you need to take down structures that cause damage on contact. You'll likely lose a lot of melee fighters to the molten towers, so this is a great time to draw them all together with your "muster" spell and given them a top-up heal, while the ranged bowmen taken down the towers.

Don't be afraid to restart your attempt at a level if things look like they're getting out of hand. Some of the encounters are tuned very tightly indeed, and you'll benefit from restarting and bringing the right type of fighter in from the very beginning.

What happens if my hero dies in battle?

You'll be given the chance to resurrect but this costs a fair amount of gold coins. Chances are you'll be better served by just restarting the level and using the strategic knowledge gained from your failed attempt to make a better new attempt.

How can I earn more coins?

As well as being rewarded for successfully clearing a stage, do keep your eyes peeled for any coins that drop from defeated enemies. They're easy to lose track of in the heat of battle, but the more you can grab, the quicker you can upgrade your forces, and pick up some juicy boosts for your hero.

How do I avoid the traps?

In the early stages of the game, you can more or less ignore these and simply heal through them with the strategy outlined above. Later on in the game, as the traps are placed more densely, you'll need to get ahead of your soldiers and disable the trap switches that are clearly marked next to them.

Your character will automatically swipe away at them, so just concentrate on getting into the correct position!

What units should I choose to take into battle?

It depends very much on the particular challenge of the level! Here's a breakdown of each unit type and what they do:


The bog-standard unit of the game, good for getting up close and personal with other melee fighters. You can never bring too many of them to the party (unless of course you need specialized units!)


Great at long-range combat but extremely vulnerable due to their low armor. Save these guys for when you need to take down an object or enemy that inflicts devastating, up-close damage.


You'll need to reach the twelfth mission before you unlock these fireball-flinging bad-guys, although they can be accessed earlier if you don't mind spending a very large amount of gold coins.


These devastating catapults can be used to blast through even the most hardened barricades and towers. These unlock after you've completed the fifteenth mission.

Don't forget to upgrade all of your units whenever you have enough cash!

What spells should I take into battle?

Again, this is a very situational question. You can take two into any particular battle, and here's a run-down on what each of them is good for.


A truly essential spell, this allows you to give a health boost to any damaged troops who are standing within your area-of-effect circle.


As well as doing a fantastic amount of damage to multiple enemy targets, the Firestorm is especially useful against wooden obstacles.


If you're finding yourself overwhelmed by baddies in a level, consider heading back in for another attempt with this area-of-effect spell that temporarily freezes enemies caught within its radius.


This spell is to stone what the Firestorm is to wood. Use it against stone barricades, towers and keeps for maximum damage.


Metal getting in the way? Throw the Bladestorm at it to chip away even the hardest of metal obstacles.


An extremely useful spell to have on hand is the Shield, which will increase the armor capability of any soldier standing in its casting range.

As with your units, you should upgrade all of your spells whenever possible.

What upgrades can I give my hero?

There are three in total: the Spell Boost gives a 40% increase to your spell damage, the Hero Boost makes your hero 60% stronger and more resilient, while the Troop Boost gives you a 30% boost to your morale bar, allowing you to call in reinforcements more rapidly.

Note that these aren't permanent, and you'll need to reapply the boost regularly.

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