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Build a better tower with our beginner's guide.

Have you caught the fever for the latest version of Adult Swim's crazy tower game, Super Monsters Ate My Condo!? We reviewed the game earlier today and awarded it a very well-deserved 4.5 stars out of 5. Here's everything you need to know to start racking up those points.

What do the different monsters do?

Each of the monsters in the game has a special power which you can activate by feeding them one of the bronze, silver, gold or diamond condos you win for matching up three construction blocks. Here's the low-down on each one.

Boat Head

This red monster is a giant crab created in the aftermath of a radioactive spill. Not to worry though, he has the ability to slow down time, put monsters to sleep, and prevent bombs from ticking down. Don't be afraid to use him if things are getting even more out of control than usual. A real game-saver.

Mr Shigoto

Mr Shigoto is the green monster of the game and confers the ability for you to create two upgraded condos, rather than just one, from each match-up. Activating this power is a good idea if you have a decent run of matches coming up, and you want to gain a combo fever.

Reginald Starfire

As well as temporarily preventing your precarious tower from completely falling to pieces, this blue character will cause you to receive twice as much money from piggy-banks, clocks and condos.

Lord Ferocious

He may not look all that intimidating but the yellow Lord Ferocious allows you to activate a whopping 10X multiplier on your scoring while the action lasts. If your chasing a friend's high-score but you're running out of time, unleash this puppy for some serious scoring.

What do the special condos do?

As well as the usual match-ups, you also need to work with some special condo blocks that will appear during gameplay. Here's all the information you need to know about them.

Upgraded Condos

These are the items you need to activate monster powers, and are created from match-ups. If you want to get an even bigger effect from the monster power, feed the higher value upgrade condos to them.

Concrete Condos

You can't flick this towards the monsters for them to eat, but they will disappear if included in a chain of color block match-ups. Annoying, but on the bright side they're still worth 10 points, plus your active multiplier.

Bomb Condos

You can't swipe these out of the way and they'll tick down towards an explosion that will rattle your precarious tower. They can be removed by matching condo units above or below them, so act fast or use Boat Head's power to buy yourself some precious thinking time.

Nuke Condos

You must destroy these otherwise it's the end of your game. Either use Boat Head's reset power to stay on top of the problem, or create a match above or below this condo unit.

Acid Condo

These tricky units will melt through the condo below it when the timer reaches zero, so act fast to protect your precious creations.

Piggy Bank

If your fingers are fast enough to match-up five or more condos in one go, you'll receive a Piggy Bank! You need to match these together to get some serious money, as swiping them into a monster means you'll only receive one coin.

Clock Condo

These are great for extending your two-minute match time with.

Multiplier Condo

Self-explanatory really, these are great for increasing your multiplayer if you can bring them into play by creating multiple matches.

Cat Condo

These are incredibly handy for increasing your condo upgrades. If you have a set of bronze condos that are about to turn silver, adding a cat to the mix will take you straight up to gold.

How do the boosts work?

You can choose to have up to three boosts applied to your character before a match begins, but be warned: they'll cost you money to bring into play. Here's what each boost can do for your performance:

Double Start

Applies Mr Shigoto's power for the first 20 seconds of the game.

Boost Start

Applies Lord Ferocious' power for the first 20 seconds of the game.

Extra Time

Adds 30 seconds to the clock before you start. Nice!

Starting Cat

Adds a cat tower to your condo before you've even started. This is a great way to get Diamond condos into play nice and quickly.

Slow Chain

Instead of having just two seconds to enlarge a combo, you now get three.

+10 Multiplier

Simple enough, this adds a +10 boost to your starting multiplier.

Mega Points

Make it to the Mega Zone and you'll receive the benefit of Lord Ferocious' powers for the first 15 seconds.

Double Good

Doubles your Piggy Banks, Clocks and Multipliers for the first 30 seconds of the game.

Peace Time

If the action's all a bit too much, using this boost will stop the monsters getting angry, and also stop the timers on bomb, nuke and acid condos.

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