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Tame even the wildest creatures with our beginner's guide.

Kairosoft's brand-new adventure Beastie Bay is out now on Android and adds a Pokemon twist to the developer's more traditional micro-simulation games. We reviewed the game earlier today, now here's our beginner's guide to besting those beasties.

How do I capture new creatures?

Once you've been in combat for a little while, you'll receive a message saying that your enemy has been weakened. At this point, they're vulnerable for baiting.

Head into your inventory and select bait from there and apply it to the weakend animal. Be careful though! Bait isn't guaranteed to work and some baits are more powerful than others. Make sure you don't waste precious, powerful bait on a common creature. Certain baits work better on animals with certain affinity traits.

How do I capture nocturnal beasts?

If you head out during the night-time, you'll encounter different monsters from those found during the day. If you want to grab every monster going, you'll have to make sure you're battling day and night!

I'm running out of resources. What should I do?

Keep a close eye on the Income screen as this will show you how much money you're making versus how much you're spending. It's tempting to simply expand as much as possible, and as quickly as possible, but your game will be much more enjoyable if you can find a stable balance between the two!

How do traits work in the game?

If you check on a particular creature's profile, you'll see that each is attuned to a certain type of elemental damage. Make sure you take advantage of these strengths and weaknesses, and pick the right creature for the right enemy. It's a fairly intuitive system, so water works well against fire, while fire is strong against wind.

What is the remodelling system?

This is a way for you to enhance existing items by placing them in suitable areas of your island. Head to the Remodelling section of the Info screen and you'll be able to see what blendable items and buildings you have available.

What are the benefits of exploring new areas?

Besides giving you more creatures to hunt, you get to meet new people in the game. Provide a safe haven for visitors and they'll come in their droves, and bring their money with them!

How do stats work in the game?

HP (Health), MP (Magic Power), Attack and Defense are pretty self-explanatory. Speed affects the order of attack in a battle, while Work dictates how fast harvesting takes place.

My creatures are injured. How do I heal them?

If you lack recovery items to manually bring them back to life, you can have them automatically heal if you have suitable housing on your island.

I've lost track of the tutorial, what do I do?

As with most Kairosoft games, it's extremely easy to stray off the path of the tutorial if you don't pay attention and do precisely as it says. Head into your menu and see if there are any flashing icons as you may be able to pick up the thread from there.

Some of my creatures are falling behind in experience. What should I do?

Once you've acquired 15 allied creatures, you can assign one as an instructor on the island. Place your low-level allies in the squares around the instructor and they'll automatically acquire some experience points.

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