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Smash through the boredom barrier with our beginner's guide.

Yesterday, we published our review of the excellent social game Paper Toss Friends. It's a deceptively simple and addictive round-based game where you do nothing more than idly fling a variety of objects towards a bin. Having trouble with some of the trickier shots? Here's everything you need to know to beat your friends.

How can I improve my aim?

For the most part, you're going to need to get a bit of practice in, but remember that you have three failed attempts to play with. In general, you should try to use each failed shot as a "marker" for the next attempt. When you succeed, keep that marker in mind to accommodate any changes in wind speed and direction.

Pay attention though! It's incredibly easy to lose site of a change in wind direction, which can lead to a very embarrassing end to your otherwise excellent run of shots.

How are the different objects affected by the fan?

As a general rule, the heavier an object is then the less it will be affected by the wind speed. Be aware though that even large shapes, if they have an uneven shape, can still be heavily affected.

How do I score with the watermelon?

Be particularly wary of the watermelon, as the slightest touch of this weighty fruit on the sides of the bin will turn it into a messy pulp. Don't challenge a player with this object until you're really ready for the challenge

How do I land a shot with the paper ball?

With the possible exception of the Frisbee, the humbled scrunched up ball of paper is the biggest pain of all! You only need a little bit of left or right adjustment when the wind's around 1.0 or less, but any higher and you'll need to launch from an exponentially higher angle. This strategy also applies to the Frisbee.

How do I stop the tomato from splattering?

Like the watermelon, the tomato will splatter if it comes into contact with the sides of the bin. It's much smaller of course, so it's easier to avoid once you've set up a good shot. Again, make mental shot marker notes to get it right, and then repeat with only a slight adjustment for any changes in the wind.

How do I score against the intern?

Ah, the most frustrating scenario in the game. Don't bother trying to score a point while he's moving away from the center position. Wait until he's approaching the center alignment with your throwing object, then factor in the wind, and make your shot when he's in the position just before the center. Patience is definitely rewarded here, as you can use shot markers to get it right following a failed attempt.

If your opponent doesn't heed this advice, he's unlikely to beat you in the round. Take it slowly and surely and the odds of success will be on your side.

How do I set up a game?

You can connect to friends using the Game Center or Facebook options on the main menu. If no-one's online, just hit up the random opponent option to join someone who's queued up, or get the action started yourself.

Note that you can have more than one game running at any one time, so if your opponent is taking too long to respond, just set up another one and you'll be notified when it's your turn again.

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