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Earn more Skulls and Diamonds, then whack mutants with a stop sign.

Glu Mobile's free iOS and Android game, Death Dome, throws a whole mess of virus-infected mutants your way, where the key to survival involves studying attack patterns, making necessary upgrades and slaughtering the opposition. It's tough and potentially grueling work, which is why we present this Death Dome cheats and tips guide, for all your post apocalyptic needs.

Buy More Skulls And Death Diamonds From The Bank

Surprise, Death Dome has two forms of currency. You have Skulls, which are relatively easy to obtain, and then Diamonds, which aren't. In case you're impatient, the game's bank should satisfy your in-app purchase cravings.


5,500 Skulls: $4.99
13,000 Skulls: $9.99
32,000 Skulls: $19.99
100,000 Skulls: $49.99
260,000 Skulls: $99.99


110 Death Diamonds: $4.99
260 Death Diamonds: $9.99
640 Death Diamonds: $19.99
2,000 Death Diamonds: $49.99
5,200 Death Diamonds: $99.99

Earn Free Diamonds

If you play Glu Mobile's games on a regular basis, then you already know the drill. Free diamonds can be yours, so long as you complete a variety of real world objectives, such as...

Become a fan of Death Dome on Facebook: 2 Diamonds
Sign up for Netflix: 340 Diamonds
Sign up for AARP: 163 Diamonds
Subscribe to Disney Movie Club: 408 Diamonds

Keep Some Revives Handy

When you die, the game asks whether you wish to quit or use a revive. Quitting is a big no-no because you forfeit your winnings up to that point for the current level. A Revive, on the other hand, tops off your health, shield and keeps your accumulated Skulls safe and sound, at least until you die again. That said, it's a smart idea to keep some Revives handy, just in case.

5 Revives: 25 Diamonds
10 Revives: 45 Diamonds
25 Revives: 100 Diamonds
50 Revives: 175 Diamonds
150 Revives: 375 Diamonds

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Let's face it, you won't get very far in Death Dome without upgrading the game's hero, Phoenix. This means outfitting her with the best weapons, shields and armor. To that end, always check an item's Power Level to see where you stand. In fact, the game will let you know if the enemies are stronger than Phoenix before letting you proceed. You know, in case you need to make some necessary purchases to keep things even, or tip the scales in her favor.

Equip Charms

These tiny keepsakes imbue Phoenix with a bonus stat. The Nickel Ring, for example, boosts XP, while Metal Shavings lets her earn more Skulls. You can equip two charms at a time, but you must purchase the ability to carry a second. In case you're wondering, that costs 200 Diamonds.

Know Your Opponent

Each mutant in Death Dome has a signature attack style, and will often repeat the same patterns during a fight. Although Phoenix may lose a few times, it's perfectly OK if you use that time to learn your adversary's moves. At least this way, she won't die in vain, and you'll be better prepared the next time around.

This carries over to enemy weaknesses. Mutants are susceptible to different properties, be it fire, poison, shock, etc. If you know this going in, definitely equip the weapon that carries the right symbol. It'll make winning a heck of a lot easier.

Build Your FLUX Meter

Successfully block, dodge and/or parry to build the FLUX meter, located on the top left corner of the screen. Once it glows, tap that sucker to slow time and score devastating hits on your opponent. Be on the lookout for the final strike, which requires you to swipe in a specified direction.

Collect Your Daily Bonus

Return each day to score free loot, be it Skulls, an Armor Bonus, Damage Bonus, Critical Bonus or the best gift of all, free Diamonds.

Always Scavenge

Before a fight begins, you get a few seconds to uncover hidden loot by tapping areas on the screen. Take full advantage of this, as you stand to gain Skulls, Diamonds and health.

Tips From The Developers

Tapping an icon reveals more information about it.

Time your defense perfectly to leave an enemy vulnerable and open to attack.

Show no mercy. Finish a fight strong to gain bonus XP.

Look for red rings on an enemy to perform a stab attack.

Buy the Skull Doubler to permanently double your Skull income.

Perfect defenses give the most Flux.

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