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Follow these important steps to increase your virtual bank account, with strategies from developer Subatomic Studios.

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Fieldrunners 2 is one of the trickiest, most engrossing tower defense games for iPhone and iPad, filled with a variety of enemies that'll stop at nothing to breach your defenses. That said, it's in your best interest to amass a sizable amount of coins to help turn the proverbial tide. What are the best ways to earn more coins? To find out, we turned to the game's developer, Subatomic Studios.

Best place to start? Right from the beginning.

What Are Coins?

Coins allow you to buy powerful towers and single use items, like mines.

Coins And Scores

The amount of coins you earn in each level is based on your score. The higher the score, the more coins you will earn.

Harder Difficulty Settings Increase Your Score

Casual will generally get you the lowest score. Instead, try the Tough difficulty if you want a higher score, or play on Heroic if you want to maximize your score.

-Unless you are a top tier player, playing on Tough (ie medium) tends to net more coins on average than playing on Heroic. This is because you probably won't need to use any items (which cost money) on Tough, and you'll be able to get further in the level, allowing you to defeat more enemies and get a higher score.

-Playing Time Trial maps on the Heroic difficulty setting is a quick, short term way to earn a good amount of coins.

-Endless Mode ramps up your difficulty level over time, regardless of your initial difficulty settings. Playing on Endless lets you establish a good foundation strategy before things get more difficult, and this allows you to get further on Endless with a higher difficulty setting (and score multiplier) than you would normally get in a non-Endless game with a static difficulty setting.

Combos Are Key

Combos are when you kill multiple fieldrunners with a single attack. Combos result in more points than you would normally get if you took out each enemy individually. Use towers that do AoE (area of effect) attacks in order to get combos.

AoE (Area of Effect) Towers

The Gas Tower is one of our favorite AoE towers. Buy it as soon as possible. It and the Pyro Tower are both super powerful AoE towers that will get you the biggest combos, highest scores and most coins.

Some Other AoE Towers Include: Ice Tower, Missile Tower, Flamethrower, Hive Tower, Radiation Tower, Laser Tower and Nuke Tower.

Basic AoE Tower Strategies

Combo City: Place AoE towers near any area that enemies are running in loops around bridges, tunnels or your own towers. This will keep the enemies in range of the AoE towers longer than if they were walking straight by, which gets you tons and tons of combos. Get even more combos by adding slow towers to the area.

Mass Destruction: Strategies that simultaneously use the Gas Tower, Pyro Tower and Ice Tower are devastatingly effective at getting combos. The Ice Tower is key for slowing enemies down and bunching them up while they get hit by the Gas Tower and Pyro Tower's AoE attacks.

Power To The Towers: Attaching a Power Tower to an AoE tower will increase the amount of damage (and combos) the AoE tower does. Make sure that only one tower is connected to the Power Tower, though, since its damage bonus is divided by however many towers are connected to it.

Fun With Lasers: Laser Towers are generally underrated because they are cheap and relatively weak. Quickly upgrade them to level 3 in order to boost their damage to a more useful amount. Build your maze so that the enemies have to walk through narrow corridors that span the length of the map. Place the Laser Tower at the end of this corridor, and it will fire an attack that blasts through every enemy in its path, getting huge combos. Stack another Laser Tower behind the first tower to increase your chances of getting big combos. This strategy is particularly good early on in Time Trial levels played on Heroic.

Specific Strategies

Twist Of Fate (Grasslands 1): Playing this level on Endless is a simple way to earn a lot of coins.

Home On Derange (Grasslands 4): Using Gas Towers and Pyro Towers to get combos in big, long levels like Home on Derange will get you about 500 coins each play. Spread these towers throughout the map and make sure that any time enemies loop around a bend they are hit by these tower's AoE attacks.

Bizarre Bazaar (Drylands 2): This is another big level where you can easily earn 500 coins. Loop enemies under and over the bridge in the middle of the map. Surround this bridge with Gas Towers and Pyro Towers in order to create a death trap that cranks out combos.

When All Else Fails, Get Coins For Marketing Our Game

Players always want new ways to get coins, so we added social features that give out coins for helping us spread the word about Fieldrunners 2.

Facebook: After you beat a level, you're given the option to "like" our Facebook page in exchange for 250 coins. Keep in mind that you can only "like us" once, so after you do it, you won't be given this option again.

Twitter: After you beat a level, a button pops up allowing you to Tweet your score. We'll give you 100 coins for Tweeting your score. You can Tweet your score every 24 hours for coins. We can't just hand out coins, after all.

Big thanks to Subatomic Studios for hooking this up.

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