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Looking to build a new empire? Here are the other games you need to play.

Clash of Clans has consumed many a gaming hour in 2012, but what if you're looking for something just a little bit different? We've rounded up some of the title's finest contemporaries for you to begin your next empire in.

Battle Nations

Battle Nations puts you in the shoes of a hardened commander and ticks all the boxes for a social strategy game: troop training, city management and growth, territorial defense and all-out bloody war.

Of course for every player you want to head out and destroy, there's another one eying up your territory greedily, so you'll need to carefully design your base structures to see off any invaders. It may not have the most complex combat system in the world, consisting as it does of rather simple turn-based battling, but the overall package is much more satisfying than the sum of its parts.

Download Battle Nations (iOS)

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

This sci-fi take on the clash of civilizations tasks you with building rich and diverse planetary homelands, shoring up your defenses to see off the might of invading forces, then taking the fight back to the aggressors with your alien army.

You can also team up with friends to take on a joint challenge in this real-time strategy title, or just head out into the depths of space to colonize entirely new worlds. To say you'll get an awful lot of gameplay out of Galaxy Life is to make a serious understatement.

Download Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures (iOS)

Global War

This meaty modern combat game is for those of you who want to buddy up to take on a first-person assault. As squads become armies, and armies become alliances, you'll head deeper into this tense game that also offers up player-versus-player combat.

On top of all that there's also all of the upgrade systems you'd hope to find in a game like this, from vehicles and weapons, to improved air assault capabilities. Grab your friend codes and get stuck into the firefight.

Download Global War (iPhone)

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North

If you like a little bit of medieval in your warmongering mayhem, then Kingdoms of Camelot is the obvious choice for you. As with most of these games, you'll need to assemble a powerful army to do battle with before you can head out and lay ruin to your enemies.

After that it's a game of delicate diplomacy as you sign pacts with allies, and try to resist stabbing them in the back for just a little more glory. This is a slick-looking title, with tons of content beneath the empire-building surface.

Download Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North (iOS)
Download Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North (Android)

Trade Nations

Trade Nations is a far more sedate affair that puts the focus on commerce over conflict. Starting out with the most humble of hamlets, you'll expand your empire to become one of the busiest cities in the known world.

There are 80 levels to slowly claw your way through as you harvest materials, refine them, set up shops and commerce routes, and just generally amass more money than Scrooge McDuck could fit in a thousand swimming pools.

Download Trade Nations (iOS)

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