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Do you like tips that help girls like robots?

We fell in love with Girls Like Robots when we reviewed the game yesterday, and we've been playing it non-stop ever since. This tile-shuffling puzzle game can be a bit of a head-scratcher though, so we've assembled a few handy hints to help you max out those happiness meters!

I've made a mistake, what should I do?

Hitting the undo button will cycle you back through all of the tile placements you've made. Don't be afraid to make use of this, particularly on the grids that expand over time. It's very unlikely you'll arrive at the solution without backtracking a little bit!

How should I place girl and robot tiles?

A very simple piece of advice is that you should try and alternate these tiles like the black and white sections of a chess board. This way, you'll expose as many girls to as many robots as possible, without over-saturating anyone.

How do I keep robots happy?

The optimum number of girls to have around any single robot is three. Add any more than that and your happiness meter will decrease.

Where should I place nerds?

The best place to put a nerd is in the edges. More specifically, you can get double the happiness rating by placing a nerd on a corner, as this will expose him to two different edges. Think about placing these guys in the corners early on, then add the other tiles within the area that's left over.

How can I place incompatible tiles together?

If you're really stuck for space it's no problem to place tiles next to each other, as long as they touch by a corner diagonally. Only tiles that directly border each other can interact.

What do I do if I can't select which tile to place next?

Take a good look at both the grid, and the number and types of tiles you're going to have to place overall. Once you've got a bigger picture in mind, place the tiles appropriately as they become available.

What does the Love Button do?

This is particularly useful on the very large grid levels, where you have a huge number of likes and dislikes to factor in. Hit the heart icon at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen and it will overlay blue and red bars so you can see where any conflicts lie. It'll also show you where you can make improvements!

How do I trap moving tiles?

This is where the game gets really interesting. See that little line on the screen? That shows the path the tile's going to take, but it'll change over time so keep an eye on it. What you ideally want to do is stop them by boxing them into a corner, so use a couple of robot tiles to pin them down then build within the grid space that's left over.

How do I make June happy?

June loves bugs, but bugs will flee from the usual girl tiles. Drag a girl tile towards the bug, but don't let go immediately! If you hover the tile over the play area, you'll get a preview of how the bugs will move. Use this to tease the insects towards June. Now everybody's happy!

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