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Want to get ahead of the undead? Here are our top tips for this gruesome game.

Earlier today we published our review of Gameloft's ghoulishly gory action-shooter title Zombiewood. If you're being overwhelmed by the invading zombie swarms, check out all of our top hints and tips for avoiding an early un-death.

How can I avoid losing health?

Like most twin-stick shooters, you should generally aim to strafe around packs of zombies with the left directional stick, while shooting into the swarm with the right-hand stick. It takes practice to master but will pay off very quickly.

Just be careful of doing this around the more unusual enemies in the game. Some of them will fire laser beams at you that sweep around in an arc, so you need to circle and fire from a little further out.

How can I get more money?

You'll only occasionally be rewarded with some dollar currency, but a great way to get the more common coins is to go back and grind earlier movie scenes. Try and pick one that concentrates on surviving for a certain period of time, as you'll get coins for killing zombies, and there'll be an awful lot of them in these missions!

What's the best weapon to use?

It's highly situational, but for a general purpose weapon we recommend grabbing hold of The Grizzly as soon as possible. It might not put out the most damage, but it does hold a huge amount of ammo, making it easier to stay alive as you practice the strafing maneuvers we recommend above.

How do I upgrade weapons?

Weapons you own are upgraded using the coin currency you loot from zombie corpses. You'll need to head into the shop and then select the Upgrade option to increase damage, ammo size and firing rates. Note that upgrade costs are incremental, and you'll need to wait for a timer to expire for your upgrade to become available.

Which weapons should I prioritize buying?

Once you've found one that you're comfortable with, and suits your skill level, focus on upgrading it as much as is reasonably possible, but don't waste coins on a gun that isn't working out for you. We generally recommend giving each gun at least one upgrade before giving up on it completely.

Some of the juicier guns require the dollar currency which can be hard to come by unless you dip into the in-app purchase store. Don't worry about these too much until you've maxed out the guns that can be spruced up with coins! Then choose your dollar weapon wisely.

I have the money. Why can't I purchase a gun?

Some of the guns are locked to a particular level and you won't be able to make use of them until you've gained some experience. Keep fighting to level up and get your hands on the best the store has to offer.

Why can't I access a new set of levels?

You won't be able to make progress through the game unless you've successfully completed enough of the reels. To top up your total, head back into earlier levels and try to master some of the objectives. This will help you get ahead, and earn you some precious currency and XP.

How can I find the trophies on each level?

We recommend focusing on surviving each level and completing the more combat-orientated objectives before hunting out the trophies. Once you've got every other objective under you belt, you can afford to just race around to find the location, restarting if you die.

What are royalties?

Royalties accrue over time and reward you for successfully completing a movie. Don't forget to check in regularly and cash-in this currency, as the meter only goes up so far and you can easily miss out on a lot of cash this way.

How does the slot machine work?

Once a day you'll get a free spin of the slot machine. Depending on the outcome, you'll either win another turn, some game dollars, or a chunk of coin change. If you want to take part in this mini-game more than once each day, you'll need to spend some of those dollars. This is generally not advisable as you want to hang onto them so you can increase your weapons cache.

How do I access the Arena mode?

In order to take part in this social mode you need to be signed in to the game via either Facebook or Gameloft Live. Once there you can place challenges against your friends, bet against them, and receive XP and cash rewards for participating.

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