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Rule Eternia and give Skeletor a well-deserved beat-down.

You have the power in Chillingo's 80s-inspired hack-and-slash effort, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe. In this 2D beat-em-up, you'll guide He-Man through seven areas of Eternia teeming with Skeletor's minions. That said, you won't get very far mindlessly swiping the screen, so to give you an edge, we forged this He-Man cheats and tips guide.

Grab As Many Crystals As Possible

As you defeat enemies and smash objects, different colored gems called Crystals appear. He-Man doesn't grab these automatically, so it's in your best interest to collect them all. Why are they important? You can spend Crystals on upgrades at the Store. On that note...

Spend Crystals To Buy Upgrades

The Most Powerful Game in the Universe comes with a variety of moves that help transform He-Man into a more efficient warrior. From there, you can execute these maneuvers using different gestures on the right side of the screen. Here's a glimpse at what you can buy...

Aerial Smash: While airborne, He-Man will unleash a powerful downward smash on his foe.

Thunder Punch: Flying minions beware! He-Man will leap into the sky and perform a powerful aerial punch.

Axe Throw: Equip He-Man with his signature battle axe and damage enemies from afar.

Power Slice: Charge and parry enemy projectiles while in the power stance. Charge to unleash a powerful sword swing.

Buy Power Of Grayskull And Summon Tokens

The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is significantly easier if you purchase tokens. The first, Power of Grayskull, grants He-Man temporary invincibility that lets you avoid damage and charge through baddies. The other, Summon, causes He-Man ally Man-At-Arms to appear and blast enemies with his pulse cannon. Always great to have a few on hand, especially during boss fights.

Don't Forget About Upgrades

Supercharge He-Man's moves and make him stronger with upgrades. These run the proverbial gamut, from destroying tough blocks to improving He-Man's health by one heart container.

Break Objects Whenever Possible

Don't hesitate to break stone pillars and platforms. Not only will you receive Crystals for your efforts, but debris also damages nearby enemies, which makes slaying these fools a heck of a lot easier.

Search High And Low For Lore Tokens

As you explore Eternia, you'll happen upon orange letter H's known as Lore Tokens. Collecting these icons unlock bonuses, like character bios, comic book covers and concept art. Obviously, some are tougher to find than others, so make sure you cover every square inch. On that note, double jumping is a great way to find them all.

Replay Levels For More Loot

You can always head back to previously completed stages to improve your overall rating, score and number of Crystals.

Buy More Crystals

Sick of replaying levels for a modest number of Crystals? Get more the easy way.

Orko Pack (20,000 Crystals): $0.99
Colossal Pack (80,000 Crystals): $2.99
Eternian Pack (240,000 Crystals): $5.99
Master Pack (640,000 Crystals): $9.99

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe Review

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