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The only good Guardian is a dead one.

Explore outer space and blow enemies to smithereens in ARC Squadron, a visually stimulating on-rails shooter from Psyonix. Throughout the game's 64 missions, you'll square off against punishing bosses, slip between giant asteroids and soar through obstacle courses to prevent the universe from falling under the tyrannical rule of the Guardians. Unless you want to die (a lot), we strongly suggest checking out this ARC Squadron cheats and tips guide to remain in the fight.

Barrel Roll To Avoid Taking Damage

It's tough to avoid laser fire and missile attacks. That is, unless you swipe to barrel roll, which more often than not steers your ship out of harm's way. Definitely useful when things get crazy.

Use Secondary Attacks To Pulverize Foes

Your ship's secondary attack delivers a much-bigger punch than standard fire. To use it, tap the intended target and watch that sucker explode.

Replay Missions For More Arcbucks

During play, you'll earn Arcbucks (the game's virtual currency) by destroying bad guys and collecting cubes that appear on-screen. If you want more in a hurry but don't feel like spending the cash to buy more, just replay previously beaten missions and watch your bank account soar.

Buy Arcbucks Via In-App Purchase

Of course, you can do the exact opposite and purchase Arcbucks outright. We're 100 percent sure the game's developers will thank you for that.

250,000 Arcbucks: $0.99
550,000 Arcbucks: $1.99
1,500,000 Arcbucks: $4.99
3,250,000 Arcbucks: $9.99
8,000,000 Arcbucks: $19.99
15,000,000 Arcbucks: $29.99

Purchase New Ships And Weapons

Eventually, the base model ship won't cut it against stronger foes. Instead of admitting defeat, visit the Hangar and spend Arcbucks to upgrade that spacecraft, purchase a new one and pick up more powerful weapons. Options include homing missiles, lasers, burst missiles, smart bombs and chain lightning, among others.

Don't Forget About Wormholes

Wormholes are bonus missions that challenge you to complete a specific task, like gathering all cubes/shooting targets without missing a single one, or navigating through a tricky environment. Although these boards don't factor into the story as a whole, they're a great way to add more Arcbucks to your bank account.

Be On The Lookout For Health

Occasionally, you'll see a green canister floating through space. Pick this up to refill your ship's health and continue blasting Guardians.

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