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Buckle up and get ready to smash those high-scores with our guide.

Our review of Roofdog Games' Extreme Road Trip 2 was published earlier today. If you're struggling to make as big a dent on the leaderboards as you are on your own bonnet, take a look through our collection of hints and tips!

How do I get more fuel in Extreme Road Trip 2?

You only have a limited amount of fuel in your tank at the start of every trip, and the only way to collect more is to pick up the red fuel canisters which are littered along the road. Try to balance your massive jumps with slamming down to get more gas.

How do I bring my car back to earth quickly?

If you need to get down on the ground to gather up some coins or put some fuel in the tank, hitting both of the buttons simultaneously will bring you crashing downwards. Don't forget to keep an eye on your fuel meter![/B]

Why can't I unlock a vehicle in Extreme Road Trip 2?

There are two different currencies in the game. Most of the vehicles can be unlocked with the coins you pick up during normal play, but others require the dollar currency which needs to be purchased from the in-app purchase store.

How can I get more coins?

If you want to get an extra chunk of change in your pockets, but don't want to hand over your real-life money, you can pick up some extra coins by watching some adverts. From the main menu hit the button marked 'Free Crate' and watch away. Very often you'll be rewarded with some serious coin. Connecting with friends via Facebook will also net you some in-game currency.

How can I remove my friends' ghosts?

If your ghosted friends are putting you off your concentration on the race-track, head into the options menu from the main screen and tap on the Ghosts symbol. If you want them to re-appear, tap on the icon again.

How can I tell how much mission progress I've made?

To see which cars you've maxed out the missions on, and which still need more work, head into the car list section of the menu. In the top right of each car icon, you'll see the percentage of progress you've made in that particular vehicle.

How does nitrous work in the game?

It's very important that you land as cleanly as possible on the road after a leap. Land with all four wheels on the ground and you'll get a much bigger speed boost than you will if you land clumsily!

What do the different pre-race boosts do?

Before you start a race, you'll be able to choose from a selection of different upgrades. Here's the low down on what each one does.

Nitrous can

This rocket fuel will give you a much quicker start to the race. Just be careful with those early jumps as you can easily spin yourself out of control.

Coin symbol

Selecting the central coin symbol will double the number of coins you earn. Nice!

Coin magnet

If you've played any endless games in the past, you'll be very familiar with this handy upgrade. With this equipped, any coins nearby will automatically flow towards you, leaving you free to concentrate on your aerial aerobatics.

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