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Frontier Developments boss David Braben "certainly thinking about it".

Earlier today Elite co-creator David Braben launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a long-awaited fourth installment of the cherished space game. Titled Elite: Dangerous, the game will include all of the trading, fighting and exploration the series has become famous for.

In a comment made to Pocket Gamer, Braben has also hinted that we may see a mobile version of the game if the campaign exceeds expectations.

"Yes, we will look at other platforms in the future, but the Kickstarter campaign is for PC," he told the site.

"If / when we hit the GBP 1.25m level [approx. $2m], we will then consider other elements, including other platforms, including console, mobile, and tablets. We are certainly thinking about it."

Color us even more excited than we were this morning when we heard about the planned PC version. As soon as we have any more information on a mobile edition of Elite: Dangerous we'll let you know.

Source: Pocket Gamer
Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter page

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