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From the tidy tapper to the vandal, here are the characters we've met so far.

At the time of writing, the first layer of Peter Molyneux's Curiosity cube is a 'mere' 325,000 taps away from being cleared. And we're pretty sure that what's been revealed so far is a lava lamp. We'll let you ponder the deep and meaningful significance of that in the comments section below.

If you've been busily tapping away at the screen since the game was released early yesterday morning, you've probably noticed some peculiar behavior from your fellow miners. Here are some of the characters we've encountered along the way, but the important question is this: which one are you?

The Trainspotter

Line by line, The Trainspotter creates carefully crafted sections of cleared cubelets with barely a single tap out of place. It's not about gathering as many coins as possible for this player, it's far more important to keep everything tidy. And organized. But most importantly tidy.

The Troll

Arch-nemesis of The Trainspotter, The Troll loves nothing more than to furiously rap his fingers in a great big messy border around the pristine and tidy areas that have already been cleared by the more fastidious gamers. In it purely for the annoyance factor, The Troll is quite content to let someone else clear up the mess, and preferably the person who tidied things up in the first place.

The Dirty Minded

We've all encountered this particular character at some point during our adventures in Curiosity. From crudely drawn intimate parts of the body, to the naughtiest of language, The Dirty Minded tapper wants the world to know just how low the lowest common denominator of gaming is. Honestly, what would your mother think?

The Greedy Tapper

Like The Troll, The Greedy Tapper is interested only in blasting away as many tiles as they can, and as quickly as possible. Rather than playing for the sheer annoyance of others though, this particular character simply wants as many coins as he can get his hands on, and is content to let someone else tidy up the mess left in his wake. Favors large open spaces.

The Graffiti Artist

The Graffiti Artist was here and wants everyone on the planet to know. A close relative of The Dirty Minded tapper, The Graffiti Artist may occasionally dabble in obscenity, but otherwise sticks to LOLS and emoticons for his public outpourings.

A few latest stats from the game, correct at the time of writing:

- 178,703 players have made at least one tap in Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube.
- More than 100 million cubelets have been destroyed in total since the game was released.
- 8,293 people are currently chip chip chipping away at the final cubelets of the first layer.

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