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Earn free Bits, invite more ponies and deal with those pesky Parasprites with our latest guide.

There's a surprising amount of fun to be had in Gameloft's newest iOS and Android title, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Although the game is pretty straightforward, we created this cheats and tips guide to help you through Ponyville.

Tap Items To Find Free Bits

Repeatedly tap trees and bales of hay to earn free Bits. Granted, it's one Bit here and there, but it's better than nothing.

Spend More Bits And Gems While Playing With Ponies

After choosing a mini game to play with your pony, you'll receive the option to spend different amounts of Bits or Gems. The more you spend, the easier it will be to obtain a high score and star.

Collect White Clouds For A Rainbow Boost

After earning a star, you must play a flying mini game to claim it. Press the screen to send your pony flying through the air, and collect white clouds for a Rainbow Boost that will increase the pony's speed. Make sure to collect as many Bits as possible, and stay away from dark storm clouds.

Give Ponies Jobs

It appears that ponies are quite happy to perform a variety of tasks, from making lemonade to apple cider. All you need to do is buy a Shop from the Store, then assign one or more ponies to specific jobs. Keep in mind that some jobs can only be completed by ponies that have a certain number of stars.

Check The Book For New Missions

See that book on the top left corner of the screen? Press it to view the current list of objectives. You can also view your progress on these missions, along with the rewards for completing them.

Always Level Up

Completing missions helps you level up faster. This is good for two reasons. First, you'll earn rewards, and second, some items don't become available until you reach a certain level.

Expand Whenever Possible

Eventually, you'll run out of room to put Shops and Decorations. When that happens, tap a plot of land you don't own yet, and prepare to pay either Gems or Bits to unlock it. Once that happens, feel free to place stuff wherever you wish.

Note: It costs Bits to move objects, like giant rocks.

Collect Daily Rewards

With each new day, Gameloft lets you claim a reward. Don't miss out on those free Bits.

Buy More Gems And Bits

If you need more Gems and Bits, you can always buy more from the My Little Pony Store. This will make the game much easier, and you'll be able to invite even more ponies to Ponyville.


A pouch of 20: $1.99
A scoop of 55: $4.99
A pile of 120: $9.99
A bucket of 260: $19.99
A crate of 700: $49.99
A mountain of 1,500: $99.99


A pouch of 2,400: $1.99
A scoop of 6,600: $4.99
A pile of 14,400: $9.99
A bucket of 31,200: $19.99
A crate of 84,000: $49.99
A mountain of 180,000: $99.99

My Little Pony Tips From Gameloft

-Ponies: There are many ponies you can bring back to Ponyville. Ponies work in shops to help generate Bits, but they also like to play! Make sure you play with them in the mini-games to earn better star ratings for them.

-Shops: Ponies work in shops to create all kinds of neat items. Some shops require ponies to have a certain star rating in order to be assigned to the shop and produce useful items and Bits.

-Harmony Stones: Harmony Stones are the pony ruins in the outskirts of Ponyville. You need to collect Element Shards to activate them, which will make your friendship stronger and help push the darkness back. Activate all the Harmony Stones to defeat Nightmare Moon once and for all!

-Decorations: Adding decorations will help you customize your town. There are a lot of decorations to choose from, and you'll earn XP for placing them in your town. Try to collect them all!

-Quests: There are many quests that you can complete. Quests will reward you with coins and XP, and they'll introduce you to new story elements. Make sure you complete them whenever you can!

-Expansions: You can get more space by expanding. Just tap on the darkened land to expand. Expanding costs Bits or Gems. Be careful. When you expand, you might run into a few Parasprites.

-Parasprites: Parasprites are adorable but annoying little creatures that will get in your way if you try to build something. To drive them away from Ponyville, you'll need to use some Element Shards.

-Random Visit: You can visit a random town through the Social option. You can also add random towns you visit to your friends list.

-Invite Friends: You can add friends through the Social option. The more friends you have, the more Hearts you can earn! You can also get more ponies with Hearts.

-Gifts: You can send one Heart as a gift to each of your friends, and they can send you one back in return.

-Bits: Bits are the main in-game currency. Bits can be used to buy shops, decorations and homes for your ponies to live in. Clearing unwanted objects also costs Bits.

-Gems: Gems are the premium currency in the game. They're used to get unique decorations and special ponies to come and live in your town. Gems will also let you perform special actions that you can't normally do.

-Hearts: Hearts are the social currency in the game. You can earn them by interacting with your friends. Hearts can be used to purchase special items and invite special ponies to your town.

-XP: XP stands for experience points and can be earned in various ways, such as completing quests, playing with ponies and placing decorations. Earn enough XP and you can level up, which unlocks more neat stuff for you to get.

-Elements of Harmony Shards: Elements of Harmony Shards, of Element Shards, are hard-to-get pieces that you can collect throughout the game. While some are rarer than others, Element Shards allow you to activate the Harmony Stones needed to defeat Nightmare Moon.

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