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We think you're ready for this jelly.

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Play Candy Crush Saga for just a couple of minutes and prepare to become hopelessly addicted. This delightful match-three puzzler features delicious-looking candies, strategic play and music guaranteed to put you in a happy mood. The game's also a bit tricky, which is why we have this Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips guide to help you get the most from this outstanding title.

Matching Three Candies Is Great, But Four Or More Is Awesome

Let's face it, matching three similarly colored pieces of candy is child's play. If you really want to boost your score, match four or five. Matching four generates a special candy that, when combined with two other pieces of the same color, eliminates a whole row. Five, on the other hand, produces a special candy that, when matched, destroys all similarly-colored pieces on the entire board.

Tip: Combine special candies for screen-clearing effects.

Keep A Close Eye On Number Of Turns

You only have a specific number of turns to complete a stage, which the game displays at the bottom of the screen. Definitely keep tabs on it at all times. In fact, you should consider that number with each turn.

Don't Waste Turns

It's so easy to match candies thinking you're doing a great job, when it's the exact opposite. If the remaining piece of jelly (more on that in a bit) is on the lower left corner of a gigantic puzzle, don't waste turns by matching candies on the top right.

Tip: You must reach a certain number of points to beat a puzzle.

Jelly Doesn't Move

This is an easy mistake. During the jelly-themed levels, the actual jelly blocks cannot be moved. Instead, you're able to maneuver the different pieces of candy. Always think about the best possible ways to remove jelly by strategically putting different candies in place.

Losing Comes With Great Consequence

When you first begin to play Candy Crush Saga, the game only supplies you with a certain number of turns; think of these as lives. Once those run out, you have three options: put the game down and wait for more lives to appear, ask Facebook friends for free lives or purchase more for $0.99.

You Need To Unlock And Pay For Boosters

Just because you unlocked a power-up, known as a Booster, doesn't mean the game will just give it away for free. Each one costs money. Boosters include:

Jelly Fish ($1.99): Adds jelly fish to candy, then clears three pieces of jelly when matched.

Extra Moves ($0.99): Adds five extra moves to a puzzle.

Lollipop Hammer ($1.99): Smash candy to remove it.

Consider Buying Charms

These special items are yours to keep, and greatly impact the game. The first, Charm of Life ($16.99), increases your lives from five to eight.

The Game Displays Matches

If you take too long making a move, the game will spotlight potential matches. These pieces of candy will pulse, making them easy to spot, but watch out. Depending on the objective, these moves may not be in your best interest.

Tips From

-Matching five candies in a row create a Color Bomb. Combining a Color Bomb with any a candy of any color will clear all the candies of that color.

-Sugar Crush: At the end of a level, if you still have Moves remaining or if there are any Special Candies remaining then there is a sequence where you get bonus score since you performed so well.

-In Candy Land, players have five lives to start with. When failing a level, a player loses a life, but the life is replenished (for free) after 30 minutes.

-Sometimes you need to reconnect to Facebook again to get your Facebook messages. You can do this in the main menu by tapping the Connect icon.

-You can play the full game without ever connecting to Facebook. You can even play Candy Crush Saga without an internet connection.

-Charms are permanent. This means that once you buy a charm it is yours to keep forever. This also means that the may cost slightly more than other items in the game that you consume and buy over and over again.

- Some Charms, like the Charm of Frozen Time, can be toggled on and off from the screen that appears when tapping a button on the map, right next to the Boosters. Other Charms, like the Charm of Stripes, is used inside the level during gameplay, and is accessed by tapping the corresponding button in the top left corner of the screen. The Charm of Life is always active.

-Boosters come with a number of charges. Once you use the Booster, one charge is consumed. Boosters are much cheaper than most Charms and can be quite helpful if you find yourself in a pickle or if you are stuck on a particularly tricky level.

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