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Embrace Chaos, or seek Justice? Ah yes, decisions.

Despite painfully slow load times, Reign of Dragons is a decent card battle game, one filled with beautiful illustrations of towering monstrosities, werewolves and magic-wielding humans. There's a welcome layer of strategy to the gameplay, as users enhance and evolve cards to boost stats and create more terrifying beasties. That said, we put together this Reign of Dragons cheats and tips guide, chock full of valuable advice from the game's developers.

Chaos: Chaos cards include dragons, sorcerers and other villains that spread destructive mayhem worldwide.

Justice: Justice cards include monks, warriors and other holy fighters that govern over order in the world.

Genesis: Genesis cards include gods, warriors and other fighters that wield the power of creation in their skills.

Lv: A measure of your overall strength. When your level goes up, you will earn three points to distribute to your Stamina, ATKPOWER or DEFPOWER.

EXP: Your level goes up by one when you accumulate enough EXP. You can earn EXP by playing through quests.

Stamina: These points are necessary to play quests. Raise your level and distribute points to your Stamina stat to raise the maximum limit.

ATK Power: These points are necessary to battle other users or fight Raid Bosses. Raise your level and distribute points to your ATK Power stat to raise the maximum limit.

DEF Power: These points are necessary to defend against other users' attacks. Raise your level and distribute points to your DEF Power stat to raise the maximum limit.

Dorri: The game's currency, Dorri is used to evolve and enhance cards. You can earn Dorri by playing through quests, earning logic bonuses or selling items and cards in the bazaar.

Friendship Points: These points are necessary to draw from the Free Card Pack. You can earn them by sending prayers to other users or through daily login bonuses.

Ally: The number of users you are friends with. You can call upon your friends to help you with quest boss battles.

What is Battle?: On the battle screen, you are able to attack users and try to steal the Dragon King treasures they have. Win the battle, and you will steal Dorri and the treasure you were aiming for. If you did not aim for a treasure, you will steal only Dorri from the other user.

Collected Treasures: This shows the completion status of the Dragon King treasures you are currently seeking. Tap on an empty icon to search for users who possess that treasure and challenge them to battle.

Attack: Select the target user and touch Attack. You'll have a chance to check your level, allies and the deck you'll use in battle. Touch Attack again to start the battle.

Battle Rules: If you attack a foe, you win if the AF of your deck exceeds the DF of your opponent's deck. If another user attacks you, you win if the DF of your deck exceeds the AF of your opponent's deck.

What are Enhance: The Enhance screen is where you enhance the cards of your choice. Select the base card you want to enhance, then select the cards you'd like to enhance with it. The Base is the card you want to enhance.

Final Evolutions of Rare+ Cards: For cards rated Rare or higher, evolve them three times, then bring their level to max. The look of the card will change one more time. This is only a cosmetic effect and does not change any stats.

Enhance Rules: If you use enhancer cards that have the same attribute as the base card, the base card will be much more powered-up than normal. Also, the rarer your enhancer cards, the more the base card will be strengthened.

What are Evolve: The Evolve screen lets you combine identical cards together to evolve them into a new card. The number of times you can evolve a card depends on its rarity. Common or Uncommon cards can be evolved three times. Rare and up can further change to max level after three evolved.

Enhancing Notes: If you select a card or cards that is the same attribute as the base card, the resulting enhance will provide a larger boost to your base card. Also, the rarer the cards you use for enhance, the more effect it'll have on the base card's stats.

Quest Screen: The Quest screen is where you use the cards in your inventory to go on quests. Going on quests requires AP. You earn new cards, Dorri and Dragon King treasures for defeating foes during quests.

Dragon Treasures: Enemies may drop treasures after you defeat them in quests. You can obtain these Dragon King treasures after completing the quest. These treasures come in series of six. Complete a full series of six treasures, and you can trade the set for a rare card.

Card List: You can view details on the cards in your inventory. Select an attribute icon or use the pull-down menu to sort the card display. You can also touch the onscreen card to view details on that card.

Card Stat Explanation: The icon on the top right of each card indicates the card's attribute. Blue means Justice, red means Chaos and green means Genesis. Justice cards are strong against Chaos cards, Chaos is strong against Genesis, and Genesis is strong against Justice.

Card Attack Types: The icon next to the level display indicates the attack type of each card. A sword icon means Melee type, a magic circle means Magic type and a heart means Charm type. Card types affect the launching of Formation skills.

Edit Deck: You can create decks from the cards in your inventory to fight Raid Bosses, challenge other users and defend yourself from user attacks. You can make any deck you want, as long as it is below your maximum cost.

Recommend: The deck with the strongest Attack and Defense that is within your maximum cost. This is automatically used if you have not created any other decks.

Formation Skill: Assorted Formation skills may be launched in battle depending on the attack types of the cards in your chosen deck. This displays the Formation skill the current deck can launch.

Gems: Points required for purchasing items and Premium Card Packs in the shop. These can be purchased over the GREE platform. If you lack the required Gems to purchase a selected item, a GREE pop-up window will be displayed. Once you go over the purchase terms and agree to them, you'll be able to purchase the item.

Joining A Guild: If you would like to join a Guild, you must apply to join to the leader of the Guild. You can check your application status by going to the Requests page, displayed at the top of the Guild page. You may also create your own Guild using the Creation option on the Guild screen.

Lamps: Light all 13 lamps to receive big rewards.

Unlimited Stamina: 15 minutes per day.

These tips and more can be found within the Reign of Dragons game.

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