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Read our guide to getting the most out of this fiendish puzzler.

Earlier today we published our review of AppyNation's new mobile title Guide The Light. It's a fiendishly tricky but satisfying puzzle game built around the seemingly simple concept of bouncing light around a room to unlock a door.

This is a tough game that will push even the most practiced of puzzle addicts to their limits, so we've put together a few handy hints and tips to help you get to grips with the basics. Keep an eye out too for our walkthrough guides to the early levels which will appear over the next couple of days.

How should I approach solving puzzles in Guide The Light?

Once the early levels are out of the way, some of the challenges in the game can appear almost overwhelming. Here are a few tips for getting on top of the situation.

First of all, is the level clearly split into two different sections? If there are only tiny, beam-width cracks between the two areas then that's a big clue that you can break the puzzle down into two separate solutions. Work on each one independently for a while and you'll soon spot a connection that will bring both puzzles together.

Secondly, always aim for efficiency in your use of mirrors. The less mirrors you use to guide an individual beam of light, the more you'll have left over to play with when directing other beams. The simpler you can make every action, the clearer the puzzle solution will become in due course.

How can I use a mirror to split two beams?

Each mirror can be used to guide two different beams of light towards their receptor. To do this, the separate beams need to arrive at a different side of the mirror. From here, they can be guided into their parallel receptors. It can be tricky working out when this is necessary, but if you ever see two receptors on the same horizontal or vertical plane, that's a good indicator that you can use one mirror.

How do I create a white beam with a combiner block in Guide The Light?

Sometimes you'll have red, blue or green beams but the receptor for the puzzle solution is white. How do you solve this? Well, you're going to need to guide each beam towards a combiner block which has receptor points for each color. Once you've fed the colors in, a white beam will emerge from the remaining side of the cube.

How do I solve the limited-move levels?

Every now and then you'll be tasked with solving a puzzle within a specific number of moves. You'll be warned about this whenever it's about to happen, but it does mean you'll have to be particularly efficient in your planning. Look to make the most impact with the fewest moves to avoid the adventurer being crushed by the approaching stone pillars!

In which order should I activate lights in Guide The Light?

For the most part you're free to tackle the puzzle at your leisure, and in any order, but occasionally you'll have to activate receptors in a certain order so that the hero doesn't get eaten alive. How do you know which order to activate them in?

Apart from experimenting, there's a general knack to working this out. If the receptor lies in the same plane as a brick wall, you won't cause any trouble by activating it. If it's in the same plane as a nook or cranny, expect a monster to appear when you shine the light. That spells doom for your character.

How do splitter blocks work in the game?

Sometimes you'll have nothing but a white beam of light, and you'll need to create blue, red or green lights to solve the puzzle. Feed the white beam into a splitter block and the new colors will emerge from the other sides of the block.

Why won't my beam of light pass through a gap?

If a beam of light won't pass through a gap in the wall, that means there's a color crystal in the way. The color of the beam must match the color of the crystal in order for it to pass through unimpeded. Use mirrors to divert beams around each other and squeeze them through the correct crack!

I'm completely stuck. What should I do next?

If you're really stumped and can't see a way through the puzzle, you can always hit the question mark icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen for a full solution via the Vision Crystal. It's a bit of a spoiler though, so try to avoid using this unless you really need it.

The Vision Crystal has a cooldown timer on it too, so you'll have to wait a little while before you can use it again.

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