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Guaranteed to make Sparkle Chihuahuas and Lop Bunnies happy.

In Gameloft's Littlest Pet Shop, the old Field of Dreams saying rings true. If you build it, they will come, and by they, we mean a Flower Corgi, Pink Kitty and Purple Hound Dog. The more homes you put up in this free-to-play world builder, the more animals will appear, to the tune of 150 different critters. On that note, be sure to get the most from the game with this Littlest Pet Shop cheats and tips guide.

Earn Free Kibble

Over time, you'll see items appear on the street, things like tea kettles, paint buckets and mirrors, to name a few. Tapping these things not only removes them from the screen, but also results in one free piece of Kibble each.

In addition, you'll score free Kibble each time you tap an animal driving a car or plane. In fact, you should keep tapping them until they disappear off screen.

Also, don't forget to collect Kibble from the mailbox. Basically, whenever the Kibble symbol (it's a gold coin with a paw print) appears over something.

Earn Free Bling

When it comes to Littlest Pet Shop, every player can use more Bling. That said, you'll earn one free piece by watching a video. Press the Bling icon on top of the screen, then tap the Free Bling button on the left. The best part? You can watch multiple videos.

Earn Free Hearts

You need Hearts to spin one of the capsule toy machines; 100 Hearts per spin. To get more, first make sure your device is connected to the Internet. Then tap the Tools button on the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, click Social, then select the town you wish to visit. Once there, tap those same mirrors, teat kettles and paint buckets to score free Hearts. Invite your friends to see their towns as well.

Take Care Of Your Pets

All pets need to be fed and washed. Nothing bad will happen if you neglect to do these things, but we strongly suggest playing and giving food to these animals, since you'll earn Kibble and experience points that will unlock new pets.

Don't Forget About Lucky Paws

You will win an award each new day you play Littlest Pet Shop. Definitely make sure you claim your Free Daily Lucky Paws item. If it doesn't appear when you first play the game, press the Tools button on the lower right, then select Lucky Paws.

Complete Quests

The more quests you finish, the more Kibble you'll have. To view the current list, click the Quests tab on the lower left. You can also discover new quests by clicking animals with notepads above their heads.

Tip: You can skip quests with Bling. You can also skip the building process with Bling as well.

Purchase Play Areas

Want to earn more Kibble? Visit the Shop and buy Play Areas for your pets, things like swings, trampolines and seesaws. Place them on a free spot, then tap to make pets play.

Think Twice Before Spinning Capsule Toy Machine

All the way on the left is a capsule toy machine. Click it, and you have three options to win prizes, each one costing either 300 Kibble, 25 Bling or 100 Hearts. Once you click a machine, you cannot cancel a spin, and will lose the Kibble, Bling or Hearts if you change your mind. Just something to remember.

Buy Kibble And Bling

Tired of earning a few Kibble here and a few Kibble there? Buy more, along with Bling, from the shop. Just make sure you have an adult's permission.


Handful of Kibble (5,000): $1.99
Stack of Kibble (13,750): $4.99
Pile of Kibble (30,000): $9.99
Wheelbarrow of Kibble (70,000): $19.99
Vault of Kibble (200,000): $49.99
Treasury of Kibble (500,000): $99.99


Teensiest Scoop (20): $1.99
Littlest Bunch (55): $4.99
Glitteriest Box (120): $9.99
Twinkliest Heap (280): $19.99
Shiniest Mound (800): $49.99
Sparkliest Mountain (2,000): $99.99

From Gameloft

The handy thought bubble will let you know what a pet is thinking about. Whenever you see this, it means you can play with your pet for free! So always keep a lookout for them!

Pets love play areas! Buy them from the Shop and put them in your houses! Once in a while, you'll see a Kibble icon on top of a play area. Tap on it to collect the Kibble.

A funhouse is a super play area! You can buy funhouses from the Shop. When you see a Kibble icon on your funhouse, tap on it to collect the Kibble!

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