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Version 2.111 introduces winter themes and surprise traps.

Clash of Clans has just been updated to version 2.111 which introduces a host of wintery Christmas content to the popular strategy game, as well as a long list of balancing and matchmaking fixes.

To add a festive flavor to proceedings, snow now falls gently across the lands, and you can even surprise your enemies with the all-new Unpleasant Present explosive trap. A new spell allows you to ask Santa if he wouldn't mind bombarding your enemies when he has a moment, and there's even a rare hidden Christmas tree lurking around somewhere.

Here's everything else the update provides:

Huge improvements to matchmaking!

- Offered matches will now be a lot better and closer to your own trophy count.
- Queue system added! Less hitting of the "Find a match" button.
- New system will work much faster than before.

Big permanent improvements

- Are you in a hurry? Now you can Boost up your resource buildings (starting up at level 5), Barracks (starting up at level 4) and Spell Factory.
- Leaderboards now shows daily rank changes, see who rises and who falls!
- Introducing Army Camp level 7, now you can create even bigger armys!
- Attention Town Hall level 9 owners! You can now build an additional Cannon!
- Added more space to the village to make it easier to move things around and build bigger villages.
- Decorate your village with the Statue of P.E.K.K.A.! Only available to players above level 75!
- Defending Clan Castle troops have learned how to jump over walls, just like the villagers do.

Balance changes and other fixes

- Town hall hit points were increased.
- Healer hit points increased.
- P.E.K.K.A level 2 and 3 hit points decreased.
- Clan Castle shows activation radius once again.

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