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A mixed week for mobile releases, but which games rose to the top?

It's fair to say it's been a week of highs, lows and middling moments in the mobile gaming release schedule this week. Not even the global phenomenon of Psy's Gangnam Style could rescue a game built only very loosely around its success, with Modojo's Chris Buffa declaring it: "A basic endless runner that offers some thrills, despite excessive advertising and an obvious lack of the song on which it is based." Oh dear.

The likes of Reign of Dragons and Shadowgun Deadzone similarly failed to light up our lives, but fortunately we were won over considerably more by Bloons TD 5, Endless Road and, yes, even the saccharine sweet delights of Littlest Pet Shop. We came away even more impressed with Dragon Slayer and its vicious, Infinity Blade-inspired dragon battling.

iOS: Guide The Light

It's Guide The Light that takes the iOS crown this week however. AppyNation's fearsomely challenging puzzle game has kept us glued to our iPads long after the day's work has been done. Taking the simplest of light-refracting gaming concepts, then spinning endlessly creative level design from these basic mechanics, we can't stop attempting just one more puzzle. It's a toughie, but it's also a must-have for any hardened puzzle fan.

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Android: Dragon Slayer

We'd like to say we're going to award this week's Android game of the week to Heroes of Order & Chaos. And when we say we'd like to, what we really mean is that we can't because we're still waiting for it to pop up on the Android marketplace. We'll try our best to find out what's happening for you.

Instead the crown goes to Dragon Slayer, a very worthy and close-fought runner-up. Taking more than a few cues from the best-selling Infinity Blade games, Glu Mobile's epic dragon-fighting game is a more than worthy winner in its own right. The game features some beautiful artwork, imaginative creature design, and there are more upgrades and equipment pieces to grind for than you're ever likely to actually have time for. Enjoy!

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