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Keep the ball rolling with our Clay Jam game guide.

Earlier today we published our review of Zynga's fantastic new clay-motion game Clay Jam. Produced by the talented developers at Fat Pebble in Brighton, England we've been absorbed in its Katamari-like gameplay ever since we got our hands on it.

Need a helping hand to master the basics? We've got all the information you need right here.

What do the exclamation marks mean in Clay Jam?

If anything in the game has an exclamation mark above it, that means it's too big for you to absorb at present. If you bump into it, you'll lose a little of the clay you've carefully collected so avoid them at all costs!

How can I make monsters fly further in Clay Jam?

At the end of each stage you'll reach a section with very thin lines etched upon it. When you arrive here, you need to rapidly flick upwards on the screen as quickly as possible, and as often as possible, while you're still on this section. The more speed you have when you launch, the further you'll kick that monster!

How can I make new objects and creatures in Clay Jam?

At the end of each playthrough, the amount of clay you you managed to collect will be totted up and added to whatever you already have in the bank. If you want to add new creatures and objects, hit the Make button then scroll to see what you can make with the amount of clay you have. Once you've made your choice, hit the creature's flashing red nose to spend your clay.

How do I access new stages in Clay Jam?

First of all, enter the Make screen as detailed above. Now scroll right until you see the item. Note that these are quite expensive to build, so you'll need to earn a decent amount of clay before you'll be able to dip in!

How can I make hills bigger in Clay Jam?

If you'd like to have a little more room to roll around in on each stage, be sure to upgrade your hills whenever you have the spare clay available. They cost a little extra money, but they're worth it for expanding your clay-earning potential on future runs.

How do I get more Power Plays in Clay Jam?

To get more Power Plays, you'll need to cumulatively fill up a distance meter. Each time you finish an attempt, the distance you traveled will be added to the meter. Once you've filled the meter up, you'll be able to active a Power Play on your next go.

Why has everything shrunk in Clay Jam?

When you activate certain Power Plays on the hill, every object on the screen will shrink down, allowing you to roll over many more objects than you'd otherwise be able to. Use this to your advantage, gather as much as you can, and by the time the effect wears off you'll be able to absorb much bigger enemies.

Why did my game end in Clay Jam?

All the time you're rolling around the screen, a game-ending red wave is traveling up behind you. If it touches you, it's game over, so while you should try and collect as much clay as possible from the creatures of the land, you also need to keep moving at all times.

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